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Luna Star Moon Necklace

Dainty Gold Filled Jewelry. Simple. Bold and Sexy.

We are Kopolonia.

Kopolonia focuses on creating and offering statement pieces that allow women to express their sense of self. Offering unique chokers to fit all sorts of styles – from classic to bold to modern and sexy – Kopolonia makes it easy for women to explore and empower their own femininity. Unique chokers allow women to make a one-of-a-kind statement about who they are and what they want from the world. Wear a gold choker for an elegant event or try out a variety of chunky chokers for something more daring. Gold choker necklaces are the perfect accessory when you want to make a statement that's classy and bold or wear our thin chokers. In all shapes, sizes, and varieties, there's a gold choker necklace that's perfect for you.

Kopolonia's mission is to translate women's natural audacity and daring into chokers both thick and thin. A fashion line is soon to follow, making it a prime destination for women who know what they want and aren't afraid to go after it with ambition and drive. At Kopolonia, we know that women feel best when they look their best, so we specialize in offering fashion-forward and trendy clothes with a little extra edge. That edge is what sets us apart. At Kopolonia, we believe that women of all shapes and sizes want to express themselves.

Just as fashion is always changing, so is Kopolonia. As we grow, we will maintain the same close focus and daring style that we celebrate today, but we will be able to offer more choker options to suit an even greater variety of women. Fashion accessorizing has always been the primary way in which women can express themselves, and we are proud to be in a place of time where women can do so. We invite you to share in our journey as we add a variety of products that inspire both us and you, such as our bold, classy, and audacious forthcoming fashion line. We look to the future for inspiration and innovation. Right now, we work that inspiration into our cutting-edge chokers, and we are excited about the journey forward to more vivid, beautiful, and vivacious fashion options.

xoxo, Kopolonia