Coin Necklaces and Chokers

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This Spring/Summer coin necklaces are the "IT" accessory. Coin chokers and necklaces look marvelous as a stack of necklaces or on their own. Our selection of gold chokers and gold necklaces will help you achieve the look you envision, we are certain you will find the perfect look. The chokers and necklaces we have available are versatile and such can be a solo statement piece or you can create a cascade affect with different layers of chains with a variation in size length and thickness. Coin jewelry isn't going anywhere any time soon and we are here to facilitate the way you wear coin chokers and necklaces.


Kopolonia is proud to offer our customers what they want but also keeping true to our esthetics we are confident our selection of chokers and necklaces will fit your wardrobe. From thin dainty choker chains and dainty necklaces you can wear on the higher part of your neck to longer, larger, thicker ones that you'd probably wear at the bottom of your layer. We are here to provide you with simple yet bold pieces that you will simply not want to remove.

Smaller dainty necklaces and chokers are perfect to adorn the top of you neck wearing the longer thicker chains at the bottom to create waterfall effect.

Some of our  chokers or dainty necklaces would be customers favorite Gitana, Saint Tiny, Gypsy, Tealan and Saint, all are able to stand on their own with their simplicity and elegance so don't underestimate the power of simplicity! With that being said these coin necklaces and chokers are suitable to be worn out to any event, whether that's a casual event or a more dazzling evening.

Tealan is one that signifies love, health, and wealth with it's three small 9mm coins Tealan will not only make your lovely neck look splendid but it has a meaning and we believe brings good luck. This coin necklace is a piece that looks magnificent paired with Gypsy and together they make the absolute most fascinating carnival duo, but also can be worn anywhere else.

Gitana has been a fan favorite since the beginning and our customers just can't have enough of it, the beautiful breaded chain is very elegant with the perfect mix of bold and subtle. The small 9mm coin is centered to the neck and is meant to be a centerpiece. The small coin is double sided we made sure to facilitate the way it would be worn, that way you're always showing the best side of the coin with no mistake. This piece can be easily transitioned from season to season, as we said it's great to pair this chain with others during the spring and summer but looks just as good with a sweater, jeans, and booties during fall and winter. Gitana hugs the neck perfectly and the coin makes it so effortless and unique.

Our Saint Tiny necklace is one of the dainty necklaces we absolutely adore because is an everyday wear and the tiny coin is perfect with the thin gold chain. This coin necklace is one that looks absolutely stunning alone but we can't say it doesn't look as good paired with others. We think it makes a great duo with any of our cross jewelry or or bigger and oval version of Saint as seeing above. Either way these coin necklaces are ones that are hard too look past because they're simple and beautiful.

No matter where or how you wear these beautiful coin necklaces and chokers you will look fantastic. Accessories are a reflection of us and they are a great way for us to express ourselves, also we wear them more often than we do clothes because we keep them longer and they can be worn with a larger verity of clothing pieces. Coin chokers and necklaces make it that much better for you to show your creative side, to express a little more of who you are. Perhaps you grew up in a farm with rabbits, or believed there was a rabbit on the moon and our Rabbit coin necklace will them mean that much more to you.



Our larger coin necklaces include our Zodiac collection such as Aquarius or Taurus and these can be chosen to your specific zodiac sign or maybe a loved ones sign that you'd like to wear. These beautiful Zodiac coin charm necklaces the charm shows an image of stars that are meant to represent each and every zodiac sign and you can wear it with pride. Our Bee Mine necklace is also another favorite and looks AMAZING with any of our chokers and necklaces we simply can't have enough of this beautiful gold bee pendant. Our bee collection all looks amazing together and can all be paired to make a fabulous statement piece all in one! Rabbit is one of our personal favorites as it has a unique shape and it's so pretty and special. Also who doesn't love little rabbits? Are we right!!! Our Kwa double pendant necklace has a beautiful cross and a Mary oval coin.

Bee Mine has a beautiful image showing a bumble bee from the top, bees are divine creatures and we simply wouldn't be here if they weren't around. These amazing tiny friends are said to bee symbolize community, brightness and personal power. With that symbolization bees are a great way to feel and perhaps bring with you these ways, community can be your friends and family so if you're not sure on what to gift a sister who's birthday might be coming up our Bee Mine necklace could be the perfect gift with an empowering meaning behind it!

We hope you enjoy our new Spring/Summer collection and our beautiful pieces in them. They're all very feminine and effortless and our goal was to bring a simple and chic look that is versatile and can be worn with anything. Our coin necklaces and chokers are both powerful and effortless because simplicity is simply elegant!