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For those of you who haven’t discovered yet, you’re in for a rare treat as a lover of cute chokers. We've always had one eye focused on developing trends in the world of fashion jewelry, while also keeping an ear tuned to what people want to wear as an accompaniment to their wardrobe selections.

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Our cute chokers reflect the combination of trending styles and consumer preferences. Chokers are one of the simplest pieces of jewelry which can be worn, yet they can say so much and add so much to your existing look, and they can be a genuine reflection of your own perspective on life.

Whether you prefer to borrow from styles of the past to make your own statement, or you have more of a boldness about the future and starting your own trend, you’ll certainly find something at Kopolonia which will help you achieve the look you’re shooting for. And if there’s something that’s close but doesn’t quite get you there, you can certainly have something custom-made as well, so that the end result is a perfect reflection of your tastes and no one else.

Our Unicorn is one of our Cutest Chokers!

There is a great deal of mystique and charm surrounding the unicorn, throughout history and right up to the present. As a mythical creature of ancient days, it was said to be a beast which symbolized purity, grace, and power, and could only be tamed by a virgin whose heart was equally pure. It was also said to have the power to heal various kinds of illnesses and to make corrupt water drinkable again.

Mysterious, but Oh a Cute Choker

While our modern perception of the unicorn is a bit more fanciful, much of that same mystery and mythological power still surrounds the creature with the single horn emerging from its forehead, and which also has the power to fly rather than gallop. The appeal of the unicorn is still evident in the number of television and movie productions which feature it as a character in tales of mystery and charm. And so, our unicorn was born into one of our cutest chokers complementing your cute outfit.

Kopolonia has incorporated the unicorn as a centerpiece charm for its choker of the same name, with a 12” thin chain made of 18K gold, that comes with a 4” extender for greater comfort. The unicorn charm itself is 2.3 cm in length, and it will show the world some of the different sides of your personality. One day you may be feeling whimsical and light enough to fly yourself, and on other days, you may feel deeply mysterious, a creature with strange and unearthly powers.

Remember the ancient perspective on unicorns, i.e. the extraordinary creature which could only be captured by someone whose purity matched the unicorn’s own pristine nature? You don’t have to feel like a modern-day fountain of purity, but what about the broader context of that ancient understanding? The unicorn was thought to be basically un-catchable because no one on earth really was its equal in terms of virtue.

When you don your unicorn necklace and charm, you can channel that same feeling of mystery and uniqueness. This delightful and cute choker should be worn on a night that you expect and hope will be magical, at an event where everyone who can see it falls under your spell. As a present-day representation of the centuries-old mythological unicorn, you may not be attainable yourself, but you will capture the imagination and the admiration of all those whom you meet.

Cute Thick Crystal Choker - Damiana

If you’re going for the demure, vulnerable look, the Damiana choker may not be for you, because it is an absolute stunner! When you walk into a room with our Damiana choker adorning your neck, heads will turn, eyes will swivel your way, and necks will crane in your direction – but no one will be able to ignore this brilliant silver creation.

Mesmerizing with Dazzling Crystal - Another Cute Choker

A cute choker Comprised of eight successive layers of crystals that dazzle the beholder, this choker has the look of a piece which might cost hundreds or thousands of dollars, but only you will know that its actual cost is far less. Suitable for evenings of a less casual nature, our Damiana choker can be worn very comfortably to even the most formal event, in accompaniment with your favorite high-fashion ensemble. For those evenings when it’s time to dress up a little, this is the choker which will be the ideal complement to an evening gown, or whatever you decide shows off your classy side best.

Since it has those eight beautiful rows of crystals to capture the attention of everyone in attendance, it’s best to leave your 18” choker a little looser on the neck, rather than tighter. If need be, you can add in some or all of the 4” extension provided with the choker, so it can be worn with the utmost comfort for an entire evening. With a very easy to manage clasp, this piece is easily donned and easily removed when the time for either is appropriate.

While this kind of multi-row cute choker has become a very hot trend in the last couple years and has found favor with the likes of Kim Kardashian and others, you don’t have to be a celebrity to enjoy the look and feel of a stunner like our cute Damiana choker for your cute outfit. When you position this choker delicately around your neck, you’ll slowly begin to lift yourself out of the everyday world of your household life or your workplace persona and become someone who is better acquainted with the more exciting world of special events and very important people.

On those occasions when you’re ready to rise up above the ordinary plane of your day-to-day existence and take a step up into the bright lights of glitz and glam, our Damiana can be that one piece of simple but extraordinary jewelry that literally transports you to another place and time – and will make everyone you meet glad that they’re with you!

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