Best answer: Do Jewel Osco employees get discounts?

We get no special discount… How long do you have to work at Jewel Osco before you can go on maternity leave?

What is the starting pay at Jewel Osco?

Jewel-Osco Salaries

Job Title Salary
Cashier salaries – 223 salaries reported $11/hr
Produce Clerk salaries – 77 salaries reported $11/hr
Grocery Clerk salaries – 70 salaries reported $11/hr
Front End Cashier salaries – 70 salaries reported $11/hr

How much does Jewel Osco make an hour?

Jewel-Osco employees earn $30,000 annually on average, or $14 per hour.

Is working at Jewel Osco hard?

A good first job

The work is easy, obviously, it’ll take like a week or 2 to get used to being a cashier if it’s your first job, but it’s really only super busy on holidays (depends on location). I don’t recommend staying there for more than 3 years though, because there’s no real point. The job doesn’t pay a lot.

How much does a bagger at Jewel Osco make?

The typical Jewel-Osco Bagger salary is $10 per hour. Bagger salaries at Jewel-Osco can range from $9 – $12 per hour.

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How much do Jewel-Osco cashiers make?

How much does a Cashier at Jewel-Osco make? The typical Jewel-Osco Cashier salary is $11 per hour. Cashier salaries at Jewel-Osco can range from $8 – $17 per hour.

Does Jewel pay every week?

Pay schedule of Jewel-Osco

At Jewel-Osco, you get paid every other week. That is biweekly. … With thousands of employees, it is easier to pay on a bi-weekly basis.

Is Jewel Osco a union?

We are Local 1546 of the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union, the UFCW.

How much are union dues at Jewel?

Also, you have to pay a $110 union member fee that is taken in increments of $10 to $20 out of every paycheck, ap you can work a lot but still not make a lot. Also, on top of that, you have.

Is Jewel a union company?

It’s a Union shop, while you start at $10 (Illinois minimum wage) you’re guaranteed a raise a few months in and will keep getting raises if you stick with the company. It’s a Union shop, if you’re short term / part time like me it means paying union dues and getting not a lot back.

Does Jewel pay extra on holidays?

– Holidays can be crazy, but that comes with any retail job. And at Jewel, it’s nowhere near as chaotic as the bigger name retail stores – Since you get a dollar extra every Sunday, holiday pay is not time-and-a-half.

How often do Jewel employees get paid?

At Jewel Osco, pay is given every two weeks.

Do baggers get paid?

The average salary for a bagger is $15.34 per hour in California.

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