Best answer: Where are diamond glass bongs made?

All Diamond Glass products are manufactured in Southern California, USA and are made by American glassblowers.

Is Diamond glass made in China?

Diamond Glass provides high quality, precision cut glass with diamond clarity. Based in Southern California, Diamond Glass uses American manufacturing and American glassblowers to create exquisite water pipes and dab rigs, Like the one pictured above.

How thick are diamond glass bongs?

The 9mm Beaker Bong from Diamond Glass is an affordable handblown water pipe made from 9mm thick glass. This bong features a removable diffused downstem with a 14mm one-hole funnel bowl with a flat handle.

Where is Clover glass made?

Clover Glass (Clover Pipe) is Manufacturer & Wholesaler Located in Hebei Province,China, specialized in High-Quality Glass, offering OE.

Is Grav Labs a good brand?

For us, GRAV come out on top – as a company they have truly worked to democratise the field of glassware, bringing high-quality, excellently crafted pieces to the average consumer – not just elite smokers.

Is Diamond glass Made in USA?

All Diamond Glass products are manufactured in Southern California, USA and are made by American glassblowers.

Where is Hoss glass made?

Their product line consists of premium quality glass bongs in all shapes, sizes, colors and varieties. Hoss was founded and currently located in Waterloo, Ontario Canada. All Hoss products are blown/made at their Canadian facility. Hoss offers a wide of range glass thickness for their beaker and straight tube bongs.

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Is 9mm thick for a bong?

9mm glass is almost twice as thick as traditional scientific glass (~5mm) meaning it can withstand a significant amount of abuse before fracturing. Although heavy, these bongs can make great travel pieces that make it to your destination in one piece.

Is grav glass made in the USA?

If you shop at a reputable store, they will always be more than happy to tell you who made your piece, and where it came from. If they can’t or won’t, be wary. Our glass is made 100% in the USA. … Anyway, go into your local smoke shop, and ask them if Grav Labs is an American Made product.

Is Grav Labs made in China?

Where are GRAV products made? GRAV sources most of our raw materials and finished products from a factory in China, with whom we’ve worked closely for years.

Why is grav so expensive?

GRAV uses the finest borosilicate, a type of glass with a high silica content that’s heat-tolerant and chemically inert. … Quartz is 100% silica, making it even more durable than borosilicate. However, it’s more expensive than borosilicate, which is why we only use it for smaller pieces.