Can you visit Argyle diamond mine?

In support of the local tourism industry, the Argyle diamond mine is open to visitors on guided tours departing from Kununurra. … A day trip to the mine will give visitors a rare insight into the scope of a large mining operation and the history of its relationship with Traditional Owners.

Can you visit a diamond mine?

It’s finder’s keepers at the Crater of Diamonds State Park in Murfreesboro, Arkansas. The only public diamond mine in the world, Crater of Diamonds offers you a one-of-a-kind adventure – the opportunity to hunt for real diamonds and to keep any mineral you find.

Why is the Argyle diamond mine closing?

After 37 years of output, Argyle’s closure came at a time of flux for the diamond market. The sector has been dealing with reduced demand caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as shifting demographics.

Are Argyle diamonds more expensive?

Argyle Diamond Rarity and Prices

While Argyle diamonds do have a distinct color to them, it’s their perceived prestige that makes them even more expensive than pink diamonds in general.

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What is special about the Argyle diamond mine?

It is the only known significant source of pink and red diamonds (producing over 90% of the world’s supply), and additionally provided a large proportion of other naturally coloured diamonds, including champagne, cognac and rare blue diamonds.

Are diamonds found at Crater of Diamonds worth anything?

A Colorado woman found an 8.5-carat white diamond — dubbed the Esperanza — at the crater in 2015 that is now worth $1 million, the Los Angeles Times reported. The largest diamond ever found in the U.S. — the Uncle Sam — was discovered at the crater in 1924.

How much is the Uncle Sam diamond worth?

No matter how valuable it is.” Bassum’s big find — nicknamed “The Uncle Sam Diamond,” the largest diamond ever discovered in North America — was later cut down to 12.42 carat and sold for $150,000 in 1971 (About $800,000 today).

Will the Argyle mine reopen?

The diamond market will experience a significant change, as the world’s largest source of rare, pink diamonds is closing. The Argyle mine in Western Australia is expected to finally close and end its production of the famed diamond types by the end of 2020.

Is Argyle mine still operating?

Our Argyle Diamond Mine, in Western Australia, ceased production in 2020 after nearly 40 years of operation.

What Colour are Argyle diamonds?

Argyle pink diamonds are so rare that of every million carats of rough diamonds produced at the mine, a mere one carat is suitable for sale. For this reason, it is perhaps the most sought after diamond in the world, fetching up to 100 times the value of an equivalent white diamond.

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Are Argyle Diamonds Ethical?

Argyle Mines

How do the mines fit in with ethical standards? In all truth – they fit in very well. The mines adhere to safety and human rights regulations, they do not profit off conflict.

Why are Argyle Diamonds pink?

Yellow diamonds contain traces of nitrogen, and blue diamonds contain boron. But no similar impurities have been found in pink diamonds, leading scientists to speculate that the colour may be the result of some kind of seismic shock that altered the stone’s molecular structure.

Where do Argyle diamonds come from?

Argyle Diamonds – One of the World’s Largest Mines

The Argyle diamond mine, 100% owned by Rio Tinto, is one of the world’s largest suppliers of diamonds, producing approximately 20 million carats each year from its operations in the East Kimberley Region, in the remote north of Western Australia.

How does the Argyle diamond mine operate?

The technologically sophisticated underground operation at Argyle was the first block cave mine in Western Australia. Block cave mining involves undercutting the ore body and allowing it to break up or ‘cave’ under its own weight. It was one of the safest and most economical ways to reach deep into Argyle’s ore body.

What is the biggest diamond mine in Australia?

The largest diamond produced at the Merlin mine measured 104.73 carats (20.946 g), the largest ever found in Australia, and has been valued at over US$525,000 [1].

Merlin diamond mine.

Merlin diamond mine Location in Australia
Location Borroloola
Territory Northern Territory
Country Australia
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When did the Argyle mine open?

In 1983, the Argyle mine was established as the first major diamond-mining operation in Australia. Almost immediately, it became the world’s largest source of diamonds in terms of the volume (carats) pro- duced.