Frequent question: What does 310 mean on jewelry?

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What does 333 mean on gold jewelry?

333 Gold = 33.3% Pure Gold

But don’t get too excited, as 333 gold is the lowest-graded gold purity known. In the US, it’s even illegal to call that kind of jewelry solid gold, although its value is significantly higher than the value of gold-plated or gold-filled items.

What are the numbers on jewelry?

The 3-digit stamp sequence generally gets identified as follows:

  • 999.9 or 999 – 24 karat gold.
  • 995.
  • 990 – 23 karats.
  • 916, 917 – 22 karat gold.
  • 833 – 20 karats.
  • 750 – 18 karats.
  • 625 – 15 karat gold.
  • 585, 583, 575 – 14 karats.

What does C3 mean on a ring?

C3 clarity

Exact clarity (Ex.

What is the stamp for white gold?

If you find a marking that contains the letters PT, Pt or Plat, you have found an item that is made of platinum. If you see a karat marking like K or k, usually accompanied by a number, the item is made of white gold.

Is 585 gold real?

‘585’ gold is just one of many different types of hallmarks. If a gold product bears the hallmark ‘585’, then your gold has been tested and classed as 14 carat or 58.5 per cent pure. … The actual gold content remains the same but the colour will vary depending on the type of metal added to the alloy.

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Is 585 gold worth anything?

Most jewelry, regardless of gold markings, is worth the current gold value. Exceptions are pieces that are made from certain famous brands or pieces that also have valuable materials such as gemstones and diamonds. An ounce of pure gold is worth $1803.04 today, whereas an ounce of 585 gold is worth $951.20 today.