How do I get to Sapphire Beach?

Just north of Coffs Harbour, there are a few access points to the beach – take the Sapphire Beach exit and access it via Crystal Waters drive, which offers playground facilities, parking and beach showers or a little further along Solitary Islands Way turn off at Split Solitary Road through the new North Sapphire …

Is Sapphire Beach Safe?

Sapphire Beach is a Patrolled Beach (Dec & Jan) & Safe Swimming, just north of Coffs Harbour, there are a few access points to the beach. Take the Sapphire Beach exit and gain beach access via Crystal Waters drive, which offers playground facilities, parking and beach showers.

Can you walk from Sapphire Beach to Red Hook?

Yes, you CAN walk it but it’s HIGHLY inadvisable to do so. It will cost you all of $5 per person to taxi into Red Hook where your options are Moe’s Market (very expensive) and – further on – Food Center supermarket which is also pricey.

How far is Sapphire Beach from airport?

The Sapphire Beach Resort is located on the East End of the island, known for its beaches and snorkeling. The resort is a five-minute drive from Red Hook, a small, quaint town with great restaurants and good shopping. The hotel is a 25- to 30-minute drive from the airport and Charlotte-Amalie, depending on traffic.

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Are beaches in St Thomas Public?

While the island has many secret coves and strips of sand only accessible by boat or a hike off the beaten path, St. Thomas has over a dozen beaches, each with their own charm, that are easily accessible and available on Public Sightseeing and Beach Hopping Tours and Private Beach Hopping Tours.

How long is Sapphire Beach?

On the south side of the small headland is a small steep 150 m long beach (NSW 102), with rocks in the southern surf zone. The beach is backed by well-vegetated 30 m high bluffs and can only be reached around the rocks to each end, resulting in a natural setting.

What’s the most beautiful beach in St. Thomas?

Magen’s Bay

Hailed as the most beautiful beach in St. Thomas and ranked among the top 10 best beaches in the Caribbean. It’s easy to see why Magens bay is the most popular beach on the island. Magens Bay is a horseshoe-shaped 1 mile long white sandy beach on the rugged northern coast of St.

Are the beaches better in St. Thomas or St John?

St. Thomas certainly has good beaches for it, like Coki Point Beach, but we think the best are in St. John (probably because it’s more secluded and less built-up). Lenister Bay is the perfect spot: It’s usually uncrowded, and its calm waters have colorful fish, sea cucumbers, starfish, and green turtles.

Can you snorkel at Sapphire Beach?

Sapphire Beach Snorkeling

The best snorkeling is near and along the rocky outcropping, where you will see plenty of small and medium sized colorful fish, and quite a bit of large coral. We absolutely recommend renting a condo along the beach.

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