How do you get gem sockets in trove?

Slots to equip gems are locked if players are low leveled and must gain experience to obtain new slots. The First Normal Water Gem slot is unlocked at level 10. The First Normal Air Gem slot is unlocked at level 13. The First Normal Fire Gem slot is unlocked at level 17.

How do you unlock gem sockets in trove?

Players can equip gems in the Character Sheet under the Gems tab. From there players can socket and upgrade gems (using materials like Gem Dust, Flux, and Gem Boosters. Slots to equip gems are locked by default and must be unlocked by gaining Experience Levels. The first Lesser Water Gem slot is unlocked at level 10.

How do you get the empowered gem box in 2021?

Empowered Gem Boxes are a type of lootbox that can be crafted at the Shadowy Market using Lunar Souls, obtained from the Empowered Gem Box Edition tome, dropped rarely from Gem Booster Boxes, bought from the Radiant Merchant using Radiant Sovereigns, or obtained by participating in leaderboards and achieving a score of …

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What is the highest rarity gem in trove?

The rarities in order are:

  • Common (Colourless)
  • Uncommon (Green)
  • Rare (Blue)
  • Epic (Purple)
  • Legendary (Gold/Orange)
  • Relic (Red)
  • Resplendent (Rainbow)
  • Shadow (Black)

How do I get a gem forge?

The Gem Forge is a crafting station used to forge/augment gems to its highest potential. This bench can be crafted at the Builder’s Crafting Bench under the “Gem & Gear Improvement” tab.

How do you get a class gem key?

This type of key can be obtained as an uncommon drop from Empowered Gem Boxes or won as a prize for Power Ranking Leaderboard contests. Players can also craft Class Gem Keys using Class Gem Key Fragments. Once players have a class gem key, they have to take it to the shadow elemental world, the Shores of the Everdark.

What is the easiest way to get empowered gem boxes?

Obtained by:

  1. Earned from exchanging Lunar Soul in the [item=shadow market]
  2. Weekly Trove contests.
  3. Exchanging Radiant Sovereign to @Radiant Merchant in the Hub.
  4. Completing 25 dungeons with Empowered Gem Box Edition equipped.
  5. Rare loot from Gem Booster Box.

How do you get a prism of light in trove?

Prisms of Light are rare unlockers that are used to unlock additional Stellar Aura. They are obtained rarely from Empowered Gem Boxes.

How do you get class gem key fragments?

Class Gem Key Fragments are crafting materials used to make a full Class Gem Key. They can be obtained commonly from Empowered Gem Boxes.

How do I get the golden gem key?

Golden Gem Keys are an item available for purchase in the store menu or obtained commonly in Gem Booster Boxes. They can be used to open Gem Boxes to receive the highest possible rarity gem.

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How do you get empowered cosmic gem in trove?

You can obtain Cosmic Gems by finishing Dungeons in the Geode Topside world.

Players will unlock their cosmic gem slots in the following order:

  1. The first Lesser Cosmic Gem slot is unlocked at level 27.
  2. The Empowered Cosmic Gem slot is unlocked at level 25.
  3. The second Lesser Cosmic Gem slot is unlocked at level 30.

What is magic find trove?

When Magic Find triggers, it upgrades a piece of gear to a higher rarity than what is normally dropped in the player’s current world. Magic find has a chance to trigger multiple times, increasing the rarity even further.

How do you upgrade rings in trove?

Rings cannot be upgraded or have their stats added/increased by using tentacles of Q’bthulhu or pearls of wisdom. There is also no way to modify the drop rate of higher tier rings, including magic find and location when opening boxes.

What stats can Gems have trove?

Possible stats are:

  • Physical Damage.
  • Magic Damage.
  • Critical Damage.
  • Critical Hit.
  • Maximum Health.
  • % Maximum Health.
  • Health Regeneration.