How do you get Sapphire to talk to you?

How do you get Sapphire to tell you her name?

In the Dragonborn expansion, it is revealed that Sapphire is Delvin Mallory’s niece and the daughter of the Raven Rock blacksmith Glover Mallory. If you tell her this by bringing her Glover’s Letter, she will reward you with an exquisite sapphire.

Can you persuade Sapphire?

Once Sapphire storms off, speak to Shadr and ask him what kind of trouble he is in. Offer to help with the debt, and he will ask you to speak with Sapphire. … If your speechcraft is high enough you can successfully persuade her to forgive the debt. Otherwise you can pay her off yourself.

Can sapphire give Glovers letter?

Glover’s Letter respawns along with the rest of the house, allowing you to give it to Sapphire repeatedly and receive unlimited Exquisite Sapphires, since she is not coded to respond only once to it.

Can you marry Haelga?

She will sometimes flirt with male characters, regardless of race. If the Dragonborn is married to Haelga through console commands, she has a special dialogue option that allows conflict to be avoided during “Taking Care of Business.”

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Is Sapphire a follower Skyrim?

For other uses, see Sapphire. Sapphire is a Nord member of the Thieves Guild residing in the city of Riften. She is originally located in The Bee and Barb there, but if the Guild is joined, she will relocate to the cistern of The Ragged Flagon.

Can you talk to Delvin about Glover?

Glover Mallory, a Breton thief, is a blacksmith in Raven Rock. He is the brother of the prominent Thieves Guild member, Delvin Mallory, and a member of the guild himself. … When you approach him, he may talk about himself as a smith, saying things like, “Glover Mallory’s the name.

How do you increase your speech skill in Skyrim?

Speech is levelled by buying and selling items, and successfully using the Persuade, Indimidate, and Bribe dialogue options.

How do you increase intimidation in Skyrim?

Gaining Skill XP[edit]

  1. Trading with merchants will increase the Speech skill. …
  2. Fortify Speech and Barter allow for more items to be purchased for a given amount of gold, which increases skill gains.
  3. Successful Persuade, Intimidate, and Bribe attempts in conversations will also increase the skill.

How do you intimidate Sapphire?

In order to successfully intimidate Sapphire into dropping the debt, you need a speech level which is unattainable without cheats. This bug is fixed by version 2.1. 0 of the Unofficial Skyrim Patch.

How do I give the letter Sapphire?

To gain the ability to give her the letter, go and tell Shadr his debt is canceled. If the Dragonborn somehow has multiple copies of Glover’s Letter in their inventory, the option to give the letter to Sapphire won’t appear when talking to her.

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How do I start paying in full?

Walkthrough. The Dragonborn must have completed “Taking Care of Business,” received the Thieves Guild armor from Tonilia and talked to both Delvin and Vex before this quest will start.

What race is vex?


Vex (RefID: 00028938)
Home City Riften
Location The Ragged Flagon
Race Imperial Female
Level PC×1 (range=10-50) Thief

How do I confront Haelga?

If you speak to Svana Far-Shield in Haelga’s Bunkhouse, she’ll detail her hatred of Haelga and ask for your help in confronting her about her promiscuity. Haelga gives each of her lovers a Mark of Dibella. Find three of them – on Indaryn, Hofgrir, and Bolli, then confront Haelga with them.

How do I get Haelga’s debt?

Talk to the green Argonian waiter, Talen-Jei, and ask him about Keerava. He will tell you that he is going to marry her and then you can ask him about her debt.