How do you stop diamond cut alloys from corroding?

For the ultimate protection against corrosion and staining you can make use of ceramic sealants, which can last up to two years. Be mindful however that even these won’t fully protect your diamond cut alloys should you incur damage in the form of stone chips or scuff your wheels against a curb or pothole.

Why do diamond cut wheels corrode?

Corrosion is common in diamond cut wheels, due to the difficulty of applying a lacquer to a polished surface. Over time, chips allow water to get behind the lacquer, causing a cloudy appearance as the lacquer deteriorates. … Diamond cut alloys have a high shine finish, and allow for a wide range of wheel finishes.

How do you stop alloys from corroding?

To slow down corrosion, be sure to properly clean, polish, and plate your wheels. Clean your wheels regularly to prevent iron contamination or accumulation of brake dust. Use a pH balanced cleanser that will not strip away the wheel’s clear coating.

Do Diamond cut alloys rust?

Diamond Alloys can take badly corroded alloy wheels and refurbish them back to a brilliant finish. Check out these badly damaged alloy wheels before and after their Diamond Alloys transformation! Corrosion to alloys wheels can easily happen and will result in your alloys looking damaged, worn and undesirable.

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How do you look after diamond cut alloy wheels?

They should be cleaned with a mild shampoo. Do not use acid or alkaline-based wheel cleaners – this will help to avoid any discolouration of the wheel. Diamond cut wheels also generally have pretty harsh edges so it’s best to use an air blower (if you have one), rather than cloths.

Do Diamond cut alloys need lacquer?

Diamond Cut wheels are first painted in the selected colour and then baked in an oven. … The wheels are then sprayed with an Acrylic Lacquer to finish the look. Although lacquered the diamond cut finish can be susceptible to damage.

Can Diamond cut alloys be powder coated?

Can I get powder coated alloys diamond cut? Yes, all our Diamond Cut allows wheels have a powder coat base. This can be painted a colour to accentuate the effect of the cut.

Why are my alloys corroding?

Why do alloy wheels corrode? Probably the main reason for alloy wheel corrosion is brake dust. Every time you hit the brakes, particles in the form of highly-corrosive dust fly off. Moisture causes this dust to stick to the wheel where over time it burns into the wheel causing pitting and eventually corrosion.

Can corroded alloys be repaired?

When the inner surface of your alloy wheel is corroded from road salt and wintery weather, it can cause air loss in your tyres. We can cure this problem by refurbishing your alloy wheels and this will consequentially leave you with great looking wheels as a result. Don’t hesitate to ask for more details.

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How many times can you refurb diamond cut alloys?

Generally speaking, you can repair or recut your alloy wheels 1 to 2 times. However, the technician working on your alloy wheels will be able to advise you accordingly.

Why do BMW wheels crack?

Even something as seemingly small as a pothole can lead to cracks in your wheels. While you are driving make sure to carefully watch the roads as potholes, debris and other unexpected obstacles in the road can all lead to bent or cracked wheels.

Can I wax diamond cut alloys?

Use a microfibre cloth or an air blower to dry the wheel. Protect your wheels with a wheel wax or sealant to protect them from environmental factors. Buff with a microfibre cloth.

Can you refurb diamond cut alloys?

Diamond-Cut alloys cannot be repaired at home, as they require a lathe to be refurbished. Diamond-Cut alloys are first removed from the vehicle and are repaired using a lathe. The lathe removes old layers of lacquer and paint, this provides a smooth surface for repairs.

What is the difference between diamond and alloy cuts?

The powder-coated alloy wheels have been shown to give wheels a more durable finish whereas the diamond cut wheels have been found to have a high shine appearance that is commonly utilized by reputable brands to showcase their high-end models. …