How do you use gems?

What should you use gems on?

When you need to gather resources, use gems to boost your barracks, heroes, & spell factory. This will allow you to maximize your limited time playing to be constantly raiding during a play session.

Where can I use gems in COC?

Gems can be used to purchase Shields of different durations or a 2-hour Village Guard, which will protect your base from attacks. Gems can be used to purchase Magic Items from the Trader. In the Builder Base, Gems can be used to instantly obtain the next set of win bonuses.

How do I use gems in clash Royale?

Best Ways to Spend Gems in Clash Royale

  1. Best Ways To Spend Gems in Clash Royale.
  2. Purchasing Chests In The Shop.
  3. If you are looking for Gold.
  4. If you are looking for Cards.
  5. Conclusion.

How many gems does it take to finish a 1 day upgrade?

The number of gems is greater the more time that is remaining on the upgrade, but does anyone know exactly how it is calculated? For example, to skip a 1 day upgrade costs around 200 gems ( I think) But to skip a 7 day upgrade costs 1000 gems. Or to skip a 14 day upgrade costs around 1800 gems.

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How many gems does it take to max TH10?

One would require around 340,000 gems to max TH10 entirely. So, the total cost to max Town Hall 10 entirely by buying gems would be around $2,500.

How many gems would it take to max th13?

When calculated properly, it would take around 1,500,250 gems to max Town Hall 13 completely.

How do you get 10 gems in clash Royale?

How to Get Gems in Clash Royale

  1. Play for the First Time. …
  2. Checking Out the Shop Every Day. …
  3. Playing the Trophy Road. …
  4. Opening Crown Chests. …
  5. Playing in Special Event Challenges or Global Tournaments. …
  6. Obtaining Duplicate Magic Items. …
  7. Participating in Clan Wars. …
  8. Playing Classic Challenges.

Can you give gems in clash Royale?

Gems can be used to buy gold or speed up the unlocking of chests. Gems are the premium currency of Clash Royale. When players first download the game, they start with 100 Gems.


Crown Towers King’s Tower • Princess Towers

Is pass Royale worth it?

If you are level 1–13 with urgent upgrades and cards needed then it is definitely worth to buy the pass as you do again quite a bit of cards and gold from the gold pass track. The queue chests feature is helpful but it’s not game changing and overall won’t boost progress noticeably.