How many Reaper gem fragments do you need?

In order to fight the Reaper, you must acquire a complete set of three Reaper Gem Fragments, which are scattered in chests of the Soul Cairn. You then place them at the altar in the Reaper’s Lair.

What do I do with soul gem fragments?


  1. These fragments have no known use, other than selling them for. or for decoration.
  2. Based on their color, the Soul Gem Fragments are most likely shattered Black Soul Gems.

What does the Reaper drop in Skyrim?

During combat, the Reaper will spit green slime, like the Afflicted. When defeated, it drops three empty black soul gems, an iron battleaxe, and a Daedra heart, suggesting that it is Daedric in nature.

Can you come back to Soul Cairn?

Just fast travel to Valerica’s Study to access the soul cairn. You can return there with no worries, I sided with Dawnguard and I´m a werewolf, too, and you get there by fast-traveling to Castle Volkihar Balcony (that is, if it´s marked as “found”).

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How many Reaper fragments are there in Skyrim?

FormID. A Reaper Gem Fragment is a miscellaneous item found in The Elder Scrolls V: Dawnguard. These fragments can be found in the Soul Cairn under three of the large floating crystals that drain health. When all three fragments are found, they can be brought to the Reaper’s Lair and put on the altar inside.

What are soul husks for?

Mitigate the soul drain effect that saps your health while in Soul Cairn. It also resists 10% magic for 10 seconds.

How many souls can the Black Star hold?

Like other soul gems, it can only hold one soul at a time. Unlike other soul gems, the Black Star is not destroyed after its contents are used – it is simply emptied and can be filled with another trapped soul. When trapping souls, any compatible soul gem in the inventory will be used before the Black Star.

Is Black Soul Gem better than grand?

Grand soulgems can hold any size of soul, from petty to grand. A black soulgem can only hold grand souls from humans. This makes them much easier to fill and they are always holding the strongest soul type to enchant with.

Should I keep soul gem fragments?

1 Answer. Within the strategy guide for Skyrim the soul gem fragments are listed under “Clutter” so they are not important or useful items. They may be requested as part of a radiant quest though.

What Elder Scroll is valerica?

After speaking to her daughter, Valerica turns to the Dragonborn and through the dialogue she tells the story about what happened. She also reveals that she has the Elder Scroll in safe keeping and what needs to be done. To free her the Dragonborn needs to eliminate the Keepers.

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How do you summon soul reaper?

To summon the Soul Reaper, the player needs a Hallow Essence, which can be acquired in 2 ways.

  1. Praying at the Gravestone NPC at the Haunted Castle.
  2. Getting it from the Death King (Third Sea only) via Random Surprise.

Where is the Reapers Lair Skyrim?

The Reaper’s Lair is an enclosed ruin located in the Soul Cairn. After emerging from Valerica’s portal and following the path through the large stone wall that bisects the Soul Cairn, the building is found along the southeastern edge of the area.

What happens if serana turns you?

If you allow Serana to turn you into a Vampire Lord, you can enter without being harmed. … The non-vampiric alternative is to allow Serana to perform a partial soul trap ritual on you. This will weaken you inside the Soul Cairn, but you will remain human and alive.

Is it better to become a vampire or partially soul trapped?

The best thing is to NOT become a Vampire Lord at this point in time, if playing as a Dawnguard. You will still be able to talk to Serana and have her make you a vampire lord later in the game, so it’s best to wait until you have finished all the Dawnguard sidequests. So for now, you should opt to become Soul Trapped.