Is 500 gems worth a legendary chest?

How many gems is a legendary chest worth?

Legendary chest- 500 gems, 5 dollars. Arena ten offer- $10, legendary chest included with 100,000 gold and 1,200 gems. The 100,000 gold should be used for buying legendary cards in the shop.

How rare is a legendary in a gold chest?

Legendary Card Drop Rate

Type of Chest Legendary Factor Legendary Droprate
Gold 5700 0.37%
Giant 10000 1.68%
Magical 600 10.50%
Super Magical 600 63.00%

Do legendary chests give you any legendary?

Legendary Chests contain one Legendary Card from any Arena, allowing one to obtain Cards in higher Arenas.

What should I spend my gems on in clash Royale?

Originally Answered: What should gems be used on in Clash Royale? The best use by far is the challenges. If you can win just one game, you’ll come out ahead on gold/cards rather than if you just spent gems on buying gold. If you can get closer to 12 wins, the rewards and value are absolutely insane.

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How often do you get a legendary chest?

#3 Keep battling

Each chest you get is on a chest cycle. There are 240 chests in one cycle. A legendary chest will appear once every two cycles after you get to Royal Arena. If you never lose, you can get a legendary chest in every 480 battles.

Can a giant chest contain a legendary?

Each chest has its own Legendary Factor. The lower the Legendary Factor, the higher the chance of obtaining a Legendary card from a chest. Silver Chests and Giant Chests have the worst Legendary Factors, while Magical and Super Magical Chests have the best.

What’s the best chest in clash Royale?

#1- Super Magical Chest

Probably without surprise, the super magical chest is going to be the best chest in Clash Royale. Giving you an unprecedented 792 cards; this more than doubles any other chest. Also, the odds of a legendary card are basically 100%, since these give out a legendary 4 out of 5 times.

Can you get Legendaries from Golden Chest clash Royale?

You get gold by opening chests, winning matches, and donating unwanted cards. You can also purchase gold for Gems in the shop. At Royal Arena (2000 trophies), you will be able to get legendary chests in your chest cycle. … These give you a guaranteed legendary card.

What is the highest level in clash Royale?

In Clash Royale, players are ranked by their number of trophies. Players level up by gaining Experience (or King Level) points through donating and upgrading cards. The highest possible level is level 14.

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What was the first clash Royale legendary?

Inferno Dragon was my first Legendary. Today I am level 10 and around 3800 trophies. I have upgraded my Inferno Dragon to level 3. It is the only level 3 Legendary that I have.

How rare is a mega lightning chest from battle?

Chests from the cycle

Arena 15 Leg. factor LF Leg. chance
Gold 588 – 672 4000 0.68%
Magical 1696 300 22.71%
Giant 3339 10000 2.39%
Mega Lightning 8586 600 100% + 2.21%¹

How much gold is in a gold crate clash Royale?

Chests from the cycle

Arena 13 Leg. chance
Epic 0 0%
Gold Crate 1000 – 2000
Plentiful Gold Crate 2000 – 5000
Overflowing Gold Crate 7500 – 12500

What’s the best legendary in clash Royale?

Best Clash Royale Legendary Cards Ranking:

  • Mega Knight.
  • Sparky.
  • Inferno Dragon.
  • Lumberjack.
  • Princess.
  • Ram Rider.
  • Fisherman.
  • Royal Ghost.