Is alakazam good in emerald?

Alakazam is certainly a good Pokemon, but it isn’t the best. So no, Alakazam isn’t the most powerful Psychic type, but there really is no most powerful Psychic type, or Pokemon overall. All have different roles and perks, making each more or less suited for the needs of each trainer or team.

Is alakazam good Pokemon?

Unfortunately, Alakazam is quite average, not to say bad, as a gym attacker/defender in Pokemon GO. … Alakazam’s Special Attack is one of the strongest in game (135), however his physical Attack stat is very low (50), which in term makes him a weak attacker in Pokemon go.

What’s the best Psychic Pokemon in Emerald?

1 Answer

  • [EDIT]Alakazam.
  • Gardevoir(Ralts)
  • Medicham.
  • Grumpig.
  • Claydol.
  • Starmie.
  • Chimeco.
  • Wobbuffut.

Is Gardevoir good emerald?

While Ralts by itself is weak, it evolves into a very strong Pokemon: Gardevoir: which is helpful in-game as well as competitive with its high Special Attack, and decent Speed. It makes for a good Psychic type in-game with massive battling benefits.

Is alakazam good diamond?

Alakazam can be found with Synchronize, Inner Focus and Magic Guard as an Ability and has a Medium Slow growth rate with a 3 Special Attack EV Yield. We recommend the Mild Nature, based on 500 combined Base Stats.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Alakazam Weakness.

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Tier Pokemon

What league is Alakazam best in?

Great League: 1.5 / 5.

What is the best held item for Alakazam?

With a Modest nature, Alakazam only needs Stealth Rock to ensure the 2HKO with a +1 Focus Blast on Chansey. Leftovers is the preferred item to heal entry hazard damage and aid setting up, while Life Orb gives Alakazam a further power boost.

What is the weakest Psychic Pokemon?

15 Psychic-Type Pokemon That Are Surprisingly Worthless

  • 8 Munna.
  • 7 Woobat.
  • 6 Gothita.
  • 5 Tapu Lele.
  • 4 Cosmoem.
  • 3 Beldum.
  • 2 Smoochum.
  • 1 Uxie.

Who is Mega Alakazam?

Mega Alakazam is the Mega Evolution of Alakazam, activated by using Mega Stone, was revealed in the August 2013 edition of CoroCoro. It remains a pure Psychic-Type. Mega Alakazam uses the Trace Ability which copies the special Ability upon entering battle.

What is the best dark type Pokemon in Emerald?

Offensive Dark Pokemon would be Tyranitar and Crawdaunt. While you have a water type already, I would suggest Crawdaunt. It has less weaknesses that Tyranitar, and you already have Blaziken to resist grass and Manectric to resist Electric. As for Ghost types, either Gengar or Dusclops.

Is Ralts rare in Emerald?

The only place you can catch Ralts in Emerald is on route 102. Worse yet, it is meant to be an extremely rare Pokemon because it is Wally’s signature partner, so your average trainer would be unlikely to run into it and thus unlikely to have another Gardevoir in the end.

Is Poochyena good in emerald?

Poochyena is the first battle in the game, and for good reason. Like many of the early Pokémon that appear, they’re not really worth your time. Throughout Poochyena’s progression, there’s no singular point where their stats and moveset offer anything more substantial than what other dark types can give.

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Is Taillow good in emerald?

Taillow is an excellent offensive Pokemon thanks to its two great abilities, Guts and Scrappy, and a base 85 Speed that allows it to outspeed most of the unboosted metagame. It also has extremely powerful STAB attacks in Brave Bird, Facade, and Boomburst.

Is Alakazam good in ultra sun?

Alakazam has one of the highest speed and special attack stats in the game, even if neither of them are the best. Unfortunately, he can’t take any amount of hits. Malamar, on the other hand, is a strong physical attacker and I would plan to use its Topsy-Turvy as an anti-sweeper instead of a sweeper itself.

What level should you evolve Kadabra?

Go ahead and evolve it as soon as you’re able to! If you can get a level 16 Alakazam, it learns the same move as it’s pre evolution Kedabra. Getting such a powerful beast if you are in a playthrough and your pokemon are of same level can prove extremely advantageous.