Quick Answer: How do you finish a seed bead necklace?

How do you end a seed bead necklace?

How to Finish a Necklace or Bracelet Using Crimp Beads:

  1. Place a crimp bead or tube on the end of the necklace add a jump ring.
  2. Insert the loose end of the necklace into the crimp bead. …
  3. Use crimp pliers to close the crimp bead and secure it to the beading line or necklace.
  4. Trim away excess beading line with scissors.

How do you finish the ends of a string of beads?

How to Finish the End of a String of Beads

  1. Leave at least 3 inches of extra length at the end of the strung beads. …
  2. Tie one knot to secure the beads in place. …
  3. Fasten the end of the string to a clasp. …
  4. Thread about 2 inches of cord back through the beads on the string and trim off excess cord.
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