What is necklace slang?

1A necklace made of pearls. 2 slang Semen ejaculated on to a sexual partner’s neck or chest.

What does it mean to give a girl a necklace?

Giving a necklace to a girl means you are trying to offer her a permanent piece of your heart. Getting jewelry as a gift also makes her feel special and valued. The fact that you’ve made such a significant dent in your pocket just for her happiness is a statement of her importance in your life.

What is a pendant slang?

Testicles. Etymology: From pendaunt, pendant, noun use of adjective. pendantnoun. A piece of jewelery which hangs down as an ornament, especially worn on a chain around the neck. Etymology: From pendaunt, pendant, noun use of adjective.

What does it mean when your boyfriend gives you an infinity necklace?

An infinity symbol implies that something will last forever, whatever it may be. Many people put infinity symbols on their wedding bands to signify their love will never end. … If you bought an infinity necklace for a friend, it could indicate that your friendship will never end.

What does a moon necklace mean?

The moon necklace is an illuminating talisman that is perfect for every day, full of hidden meanings and symbolism. It represents female empowerment. … The moon is often referred to as ‘Mother Moon’ and is a symbol of new life… the perfect talisman for a new arrival!

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What do rappers call jewelry?

Nevertheless, even though the term bling isn’t always used, it is everywhere in hip-hop these days, with rappers often spending tens, and increasingly hundreds, of thousands of dollars on jewelry.

What does the pendant represent?

Think of pendants as statement accessories, something that the eye will immediately be drawn to. In certain cultures, pendants could be considered objects with spiritual value. The evil eye symbol is a great example of a pendant that has spiritual meaning.

What does Bendejo in Spanish mean?

The word “bendejo” in Spanish it’s wrong spelled. It must start the word with the letter “p”,and it’s meaning is close to: stupid; so fool; ignorant.

What does it mean when your boyfriend buys you a necklace?

Jewelry: A man who buys jewelry for a woman is serious about her. According to E Harmony: “When a guy buys a woman jewelry, it usually means he is committed and in it for the long haul.”

What does a horn necklace mean?

Most commonly, the Italian horn is a symbol of good luck. … The Italian horn is known locally as “cornicello” (meaning little horn, or hornlet), “cornetto,” or simply “corno.” Often the horn is worn on a necklace, but it is also common to see it hanging inside a car for protection.

What does a Sun necklace mean?

A sun and moon necklace usually reflects balance, wisdom and growth.

What does a heart pendant mean?

A heart necklace generally symbolizes love and deep affection for someone. Although it has been around for many years, this kind of necklace has recently become a popular trend. All heart-shaped necklaces may be divided into the following major groups: Locket: or so-called “pendant with the secret”

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