What is sapphire in other languages?

American English: sapphire /ˈsæfaɪər/ Arabic: ياقُوتٌ أَزْرَق Brazilian Portuguese: safira. Chinese: 蓝宝石 Croatian: safir.

What is precious in other languages?

In other languages precious

  • Arabic: نَفِيس
  • Brazilian Portuguese: precioso.
  • Chinese: 宝贵的
  • Croatian: dragocjen.
  • Czech: cenný
  • Danish: dyrebar.
  • Dutch: kostbaar.
  • European Spanish: precioso valioso.

What is Royal in other languages?

European Spanish: real realeza. Finnish: kuninkaallinen. French: royal. German: königlich. Greek: βασιλικός

What is French for rare?

it is rare to find … il est rare de trouver …

How do you say sparkle in different languages?

In other languages sparkle

  1. American English: sparkle /ˈspɑrkəl/
  2. Brazilian Portuguese: cintilar.
  3. Chinese: 闪闪发光
  4. European Spanish: relucir.
  5. French: scintiller.
  6. German: funkeln.
  7. Italian: sfavillare.
  8. Japanese: 輝く

How do you say Royal in French?

royal (royale) accueil.

What are other names for royalty?


  • aristocracy.
  • authority.
  • distinction.
  • eminence.
  • greatness.
  • kingship.
  • nobility.
  • power.

How do you say Queen in other languages?

In other languages queen

  1. American English: queen /ˈkwin/
  2. Arabic: مَلِكَة
  3. Brazilian Portuguese: rainha.
  4. Chinese: 女王
  5. Croatian: kraljica.
  6. Czech: královna.
  7. Danish: dronning.
  8. Dutch: koningin.

What girl name means moon?

When you think of baby names that mean moon, Luna is probably the first one to come to mind, since it’s the Latin translation. Luna was ranked #14 in the US for girls’ names in 2020.

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What dies Lune mean?

noun. anything shaped like a crescent or a half moon. a crescent-shaped figure bounded by two arcs of circles, either on a plane or a spherical surface.

Is Luna Spanish for moon?

What Does the Name Luna Mean? The name Luna means “moon” in Latin and in several languages with Latin roots, including Spanish and Italian.

What is rare in Latin?

Latin Translation. rara. More Latin words for rare. rarus adjective. sporadic, few, uncommon, thin, unusual.

How do you say rare steak in French?

Saignant – (Pronounced say-nyon). The French term for a rare steak. The direct translation into English of the word saignant would be bloody, or bleeding; despite that, a steak saignant will have been cooked a little more than a steak bleu.

What is filet mignon in France?

Filet mignon (/ˌfiːleɪ ˈmiːnjɒ̃/; French: [filɛ miɲɔ̃]; lit. ‘”tender, delicate, or fine fillet”‘) is a cut of meat taken from the smaller end of the tenderloin, or psoas major of an animal carcass. In French it can refer to the tenderloin of several animals but is mostly used to refer to cuts of pork tenderloin.