Where can I dig for diamonds in South Africa?

The Finsch mine in the Northern Cape opened in 1967. Alluvial diamonds and small diamondiferous fissures have been known and worked for many years along the southern banks of the Orange River as well as along and off South Africa’s west coast.

Can diamonds be found in South Africa?


Today South Africa maintains its position as a major diamond producer. The story of diamonds in South Africa begins between December 1866 and February 1867 when 15-year-old Erasmus Jacobs found a transparent rock on his father’s farm, on the south bank of the Orange River.

Where in South Africa are diamonds found?

The Cullinan diamond mine is located in the Gauteng province of South Africa. The site is situated 40km east of Pretoria in Cullinan. The diamond mine is also known as Premier mine.

Which province has diamonds?

Kimberley, city, diamond-mining centre, and capital of Northern Cape province, South Africa.

Is there diamond in Kwazulu Natal?

The South African governement added the zone is not known to have any diamonds, and that those who poured to the small Kwazulu-Natal village should vacate the area, as it could carry risks such as environmental damage and exposure to Covid 19. …

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Where Can diamonds be found naturally?

Diamonds are present in about 35 countries. South Africa, Russia and Botswana are the main producers of gem diamond while Australia produces most of the industrial diamond. They are also found in India, Russia, Siberia, Brazil, China, Canada and the United States.

How deep can you find a diamond?

Most gem-quality diamonds come from depths of 150–250 km in the lithosphere. Such depths occur below cratons in mantle keels, the thickest part of the lithosphere.

Where can I find diamonds in the ground?

Surface searching consists of walking up and down the rows of dirt looking for diamonds lying on top of the ground. This is the most productive method following a hard rain. Rain washes the soil away, leaving diamonds and other rocks and minerals exposed on the surface.

How much does a diamond cost in South Africa?

How much is a 1 carat diamond? A round brilliant cut, 1.00ct G colour, SI1 clarity, excellent cut GIA-certified diamond will cost approximately $6850 including VAT (~ R106,183). A princess cut, 1.01ct H colour, SI1 clarity, GIA-certified diamond will cost approximately $4584 including VAT (~ R71,049).

Can diamonds be found in a river?

While diamonds are usually found within kimberlite pipes, over time, the pipes can be eroded by rivers and the diamonds will be washed down stream. It is extraordinarily rare to find an alluvial diamond that weighs hundreds of carats.

Why is diamond valuable to South Africa?

Before the very first diamond was discovered in South Africa by the 15-year-old Erasmus, the gemstone was considered to be a very rare find. The shortage of supply made a diamond very expensive and is an essence, only affordable to royalty and the rich and famous.

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Does Ladysmith have real diamonds?

The stones found in KwaHlathi just outside Ladysmith are not diamonds, they are quartz crystals. MEC for Economic Development, Tourism and Environmental Affairs Ravi Pillay told a media briefing on Sunday afternoon that the tests conducted on the stones, conclusively reveal that they are not diamonds as some had hoped.

Is diamonds in KZN real or fake?

In fact, what has been discovered are quartz crystals that are common across the Karoo Supergroup.” …

Is the diamond in KwaHlathi real?

Stones collected at KwaHlathi near Ladysmith, where scores of people have been digging for what they believe to be diamonds, have turned out to be quartz crystals.