Where does it rain rubies?

Does Jupiter rain rubies?

It Rains Rubies and Sapphires on This Distant Jupiter-Like Planet.

What is the name of the planet that rains rubies and sapphires?

Condensation models of HAT-P-7b predict precipitation of Al2O3 (corundum) on the night side of the planet’s atmosphere. The clouds themselves are likely made up of corundum, the mineral which forms rubies and sapphires.

How is Uranus surface?

Surface. As an ice giant, Uranus doesn’t have a true surface. The planet is mostly swirling fluids. While a spacecraft would have nowhere to land on Uranus, it wouldn’t be able to fly through its atmosphere unscathed either.

What planet does Diamond rain?

Deep within Neptune and Uranus, it rains diamonds—or so astronomers and physicists have suspected for nearly 40 years. The outer planets of our Solar System are hard to study, however. Only a single space mission, Voyager 2, has flown by to reveal some of their secrets, so diamond rain has remained only a hypothesis.

What planet has acid rain?

The most acidic rain in the Solar System is found on the planet Venus, where the working fluid in the cycle of evaporation, condensation and precipitation is a sulphuric acid solution (rather than water, as on Earth).

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How far away is hat P 7b?

1,044 light years
HAT-P-7 b/Расстояние до Земли
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