Who must join GEMS?

As GEMS is a restricted scheme for Government employees, only those employed within public service can become members.

Who can belong to GEMS?

You can join GEMS if you are employed in:

A National Department and Provincial Administration listed in Schedule 1 of the Public Service Act. A Provincial Department listed in Schedule 2 of the Public Service Act. Government components listed in Schedule 3 of the Public Service Act.

Who qualifies for GEMS subsidy?

Public service employees on salary level 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 belonging to or joining GEMS on the Tanzanite One option (formerly Sapphire Option) are eligible for 100% of total monthly medical contribution, up to the maximum employer subsidy, provided the subsidy amount does not exceed the employee’s total monthly …

Are GEMS compulsory?

Answer: Enrolment on GEMS is voluntary for public service employees who were appointed before 1 July 2006 and were principal members of open medical schemes in June 2006.

Is GEMS a good medical aid?

Bestmed (78.0) takes the lead by a significant margin on the industry par of 72.2 and well ahead of all other schemes in terms of the value index. Medihelp also takes a leader position on Perceived Value with 74.7. Bonitas (73.9) and Discovery (71.4) perform on par, while GEMS (69.4) and Momentum (69.7) are below par.

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Does GEMS pay for Gynaecologist?

The Specialist Network provides you with access to Physicians, Paediatricians, Obstetricians and Gynaecologists at a set tariff for both in- and out-of-hospital ensuring that you will not be liable for a co-payment (subject to your option’s benefit limits). …

How do you join GEMS?

For more information on how to join GEMS, please visit www.gems.gov.za, or call 0860 00 4367, or SMS “please call me” to 083 450 4367 and an agent will call you. Take Note: Adult dependant rates are payable for all eligible dependants who are 21 years of age or older.

Can anyone apply for Gems medical aid?

So, who can join the scheme? Any employer group approved by the Scheme (a list of these employers is available in Annexure A of the Scheme Rules).

Does GEMS pay for plastic surgery?

GEMS does not pay for)

All costs for operations, medicines, treatments and procedures for cosmetic purposes (cosmetic refers to treatments or procedures that do not treat an illness), such as liposuction. Visits to specialists outside of the GEMS Network for Sapphire and Beryl beneficiaries.

What is the difference between gems emerald and ruby?

The first difference which comes to mind is that ruby is red in color and a emerald is green. … Emerald on the other hand is a variety of the mineral beryl and gets its green color from trace amounts of chromium and vanadium.

How do I claim my gems back?

Please call GEMS on 0860 00 4367 if you’d like to know why your claim was rejected or partially paid.

You can submit your claims by:

  1. Post: GEMS, Private Bag X782, Cape Town, 8000.
  2. Fax: 0861 00 4367.
  3. Email: enquiries@gems.gov.za; or a.
  4. GEMS walk-in centre.
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Can I join GEMS if already pregnant?

To access your maternity benefits, pregnant members or dependants must register on the programme as soon as their pregnancy is confirmed.

Do Gems Pay mammograms?

From 1 January 2021 an additional benefit for vaccinations has been made available on all GEMS Options.

Preventative care and screening benefit.

Mammography Screening Once per annum Females 40 years and older (earlier?)

Does GEMS pay for Covid 19?

GEMS is committed to fund all clinically appropriate care and related costs, including coronavirus related testing, in line with the prevailing NICD and NDoH guidelines or protocols.

How long does it take to join GEMS?

There are two types of GEMS waiting periods: A general waiting period (GWP) of up to 3 months. A condition-specific waiting period (CSWP) of up to 12 months.

Does GEMS pay for Covid 19 testing?

“GEMS members will be serviced and should not be requested to pay for COVID-19 testing upfront. The testing of members where guidelines are not met is not considered as PMB level of care as it is regarded as not clinically appropriate.