Who was the sole inhabitant in emerald sea?

The mermaid would be the only inhabitant of the emerald sea and be able to swim in the languid water. This thought reflects the desire for a future in which she can live her life in her own way.

Who is the sole inhabitant of the sea?

Answer: The sole inhabitant of the sea is Amanda who is the mermaid. Amanda wants to drift blissfully with the soft-moving waves of the sea.

Who is compared to Emerald sea Mermaid sole inhabitants?

(a) ‘me’ stands for Amanda. (b) ‘me’ feels that she is a mermaid and the only inhabitant of the languid, emerald sea, who drifts blissfully.

Who is the sole inhabitant of the sea what does she want to do?

The sole inhabitant of the sea is Amanda who is the mermaid. d. Amanda wants to drift blissfully with the soft-moving waves of the sea. 3.

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Why does the speaker wish to be the sole inhabitant of sea?

Amanda wishes to be a mermaid so she could drift alone by blissfully languid, emerald sea. She yearns to be an orphan so that she is able to roam the sea and make pattern using her bare feet. … Amanda wishes to be these so that she could avoid her suffocating reality.

Who is scolding Amanda?

Answer: Amanda’s mother is very particular about her acne. Therefore, Amanda is getting scolded for having chocolates as previously it had caused her acne. … More number of use of chocolates would mainly cause numerous acne in the body so that it is best to avoid them to the maximum.

What kind of a girl was Amanda?

Explanation: Amanda is a moody type of girl as mentioned in the final stanza. Ans: hunch – to raise, slouching – bending, drifting – moving slowly, roaming – wandering / purposelessly moving about, hushed – silent, tranquil – relaxed / calm, nagged – disturbed.

Did you finish your homework Amanda did you tidy your room Amanda?

Answer: Freedom is the figure of speech in this poem. Amanda is constantly asked not to et chocolate,to always sit upright,to do her homework,to tidy her room and man other things.

What about Amanda homework is asked by the speaker?

Ans: The speaker asks Amanda whether she has completed her homework or not. 9. What does the speaker ask Amanda to clean? Ans: The speaker asks Amanda to clean her shoes.

What is the mood of Amanda?

Answer: Amanda is in a bad mood because she is constantly nagged by her mother to do different things. She is constantly reminded of her mistakes which she doesn’t likes. She wants to be free and live her life her own way but she is not able to do so. She is yearning for freedom and peace in her life.

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Who is the mermaid in Amanda What does she wish to do?

Answer: The mermaid is Amanda herself; as imagined by Amanda. She wishes to drift blissfully on a dreamy, emerald sea, without anyone else accompanying her.

What was Amanda doing?

Answer: To this, Amanda imagines herself as a mermaid who lives a calm and relaxing life in the beautiful green sea. Further, she is nagged for not cleaning her room and shoes and also for not doing her homework.

Who is addressing Amanda?

The addressing of Amanda is done by the poet Robert Klein ….. where as the speaker of this is her mother who keeps on advising her…

Why does Amanda’s mother ask her to stop sulking?

Ans. Her mother doesn’t want her to hunch her shoulders and bend her body down. She stops her from eating chocolates as it would not be good for her pimpled face. She wants her to stop sulking as others would think that she is being nagged by her mother.

How old do you think Amanda is?

Amanda is a little girl of approximately 9-10 years old who attends school. She is being chastised for usual adolescent behaviour. Her parents are attempting to instil excellent manners and etiquette in her.

What should Amanda not to do to her shoulders?

What does the poet ask Amanda not to do in the poem” ‘Amanda’? Answer: The poet advises Amanda not to bite her nails, not to hunch her shoulders and not to eat chocolate. She advises her to sit straight and take care of her acne.

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