Will Cartier set my diamond?

Cartier has a service called Set For You, which is a way to customise your own engagement ring and, starting at £2,500, you can choose the diamond, the style of setting, and the kind of gold that you want.

Will a jeweler set my diamond?

If you want to reset your diamond with more stones, then your jeweler will source stones for you. This step is to engineer a 3D CAD (three-dimensional computer-aided design) model of your design. Once you approve it, your jeweler will cast the jewelry in metal and handset the stones.

Are Cartier diamonds better than Tiffany?

So if you want stunning luxury pieces from a high-end royal brand, Cartier is your best brand to go to. And if you want some high-quality diamonds that are very worth it despite their price tag (and because now you know that their standards for jewelry are very high), then Tiffany’s is your best bet.

Does Cartier use good diamonds?

* For brilliant-cut centre diamonds under 0.30 ct, as well as for fancy-cut centre diamonds, the Cut grade accepted by Cartier is between “Good” and “Excellent”.

Will Tiffany set a loose diamond?

Tiffany & Co. will not set any diamond or stone that wasn’t purchased from them directly. … Their stones are certified by their own laboratory, the Tiffany Gemological Laboratory located in New York City. Since they have their own standards, they do not want to set a diamond that might not meet their quality requisites.

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Will Jewelers buy loose diamonds?

Yes, jewelers often buy loose diamonds, diamond rings and other jewelry — as well as provide insurance-replacement appraisals.

Is Cartier high end?

The practice of Cartier in excellent design and the creation of stunning pieces has never wavered, and they continued to uphold their reputation as a top global luxury brand, and one of the most expensive jewelry in the world.

Is Cartier real gold?

As one of the most prestigious jewelry houses in the world, Cartier only uses top-notch materials in their products. Love bracelets are exclusively made in 18k yellow, white, or pink gold, as well as 950 platinum. Furthermore, all gemstones are of course real diamonds.

Why is Cartier love bracelet so expensive?

Cartier has since expanded into solid yellow, white, and rose gold. Despite the diverse array of metal hues available today, the classic yellow gold continues to lead as the most sought-after metal type for the Cartier Love Bracelet, therefore, having the highest resale value.

What clarity diamond does Cartier use?

At Cartier, the minimum diamond clarity you will find is VS2 and the minimum color available is H.

What clarity are Cartier diamonds?

GIA certified Cartier engagement ring with 1.01 carat round brilliant cut center diamond (F color, Internally Flawless clarity, Excellent Cut, Excellent polish, Excellent symmetry) set in platinum setting with 9 diamonds on each side totalling approx. 0.60 carats. Size 6.

Width 19.20
Stone Clarity IF

Where does Cartier get their diamonds from?

Cartier requires all its gold suppliers to be members of the RJC and sources the overwhelming majority of its diamonds from RJC-certified companies.

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