You asked: How do you get unique gems in King of Thieves?

A disguised Feather Gem (note the red 300-999 gem) Unique gems are rare gems obtainable only by placing in the top players in a weekly challenges, from special events or by stealing one from a player who has one. Unique gems cannot be retrieved once they are stolen.

How do you get special gems in King of Thieves?

Obtaining Gems

There are two ways to get gems: stealing from other players and harvesting the occasional gems from gem mines on the world map. Gems can be combined in Totems by performing the ritual, but this gives other players the opportunity to steal them.

What happens when you save gems in King of Thieves?

Each time you save a gem in the Treasure Hall, you increase your Saved Rating. If the Rating is high enough, you get a Magical Sphere that contains Unique gems. If you save gems with more than 1 000 000 value, you get a bonus Sphere.

What do gems do in King piece?

Gems are needed to purchase certain devil fruits, and can also be used on Gacha. if you want to know more there’s a page called “Golden Arena” that explains how to get them.

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How do you get gold gems in King of Thieves?

In order to find a dungeon with golden or big gems, you need to be in the right place at the right time. Each dungeon in Attack mode can only be attacked a limited number of times and a rare thief will pass by without at least trying their luck.

How many leagues are in King of Thieves?

There are 14 Leagues in total: Wooden, Stone, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire, Onyx, Diamond, Orbeuseus, Invinsius, Totemius, and King of Kings.

How do you unlock the slots in King of Thieves?

The Secret Slot of the Totem is unlocked upon reaching a totem with a 12 hour ritual time. Upon unlocking, Geffi will tell you to look behind the totem, where the Secret Slot can be found and unlocked. By using Suns, you can activate the Secret Slot to create a bonus gem from your ritual.

How do I give gems to the king piece?

If you want to redeem codes in King Piece, look to the top right of the screen for the Menu. Click on that and you’ll see an option called Codes which you can click on. Copy one of the codes from our list and paste it into the “Put Code Here” box and hit the Accept button to receive your reward!

What is the max level in King legacy?

There’s 14 islands in total, each having higher and higher levels until you eventually hit the maximum level which is 3,300.

How do you enter codes on King legacy?

How do I redeem King Legacy codes? Launch the game and tap the settings cog under the health bar, and then type the code into the “ENTER CODE” box at the bottom of the settings panel.

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