You asked: Is Sapphire Beach St Thomas safe?

Re: sapphire beach area-safe? No worries. Sapphire has a security guard who checks all vehicles coming and going and there are security cameras. Just make sure you keep your door locked at all times even if you leave for a few minutes.

Is Sapphire Beach Safe?

Sapphire Beach is a Patrolled Beach (Dec & Jan) & Safe Swimming, just north of Coffs Harbour, there are a few access points to the beach. Take the Sapphire Beach exit and gain beach access via Crystal Waters drive, which offers playground facilities, parking and beach showers.

Is Sapphire beach busy?

Sapphire Beach, like the even more popular Magens Beach, is one of the best in the Virgin Islands. To some, Sapphire is the better beach, since it draws a somewhat smaller crowd of cruise-ship passengers. … However, this stretch of sand is a popular beach and can get crowded.

How far is Sapphire Beach from airport?

Located on the Dutch Sint-Maarten, Sapphire Beach Club Resort is just 3 miles from Princess Juliana International Airport.

What country is Sapphire Beach?

Sapphire Beach Club Resort is located on the Dutch side of Sint Maarten, just 1,500 feet from a casino. Princess Juliana International Airport is 3.1 mi away.

Can you walk from Sapphire Beach to Red Hook?

Yes, you CAN walk it but it’s HIGHLY inadvisable to do so. It will cost you all of $5 per person to taxi into Red Hook where your options are Moe’s Market (very expensive) and – further on – Food Center supermarket which is also pricey.

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How long is Sapphire Beach?

On the south side of the small headland is a small steep 150 m long beach (NSW 102), with rocks in the southern surf zone. The beach is backed by well-vegetated 30 m high bluffs and can only be reached around the rocks to each end, resulting in a natural setting.

Is Coki Beach free?

On the east coast of the island, Coki Beach can be reached via taxi or rental car from Charlotte Amalie. It’s free to access. Plan to arrive early in the day to avoid the crowds.

How do I get to Cupecoy Beach?

Drive past gollf course, Atlantis Casino, The Cliffs, Rainbow, Sapphire and Ocean Club. Just as you pass Ocean Club the road veers to the right… Go straight here onto a dirt road. There is a sign for Cupecoy Beach Bar just here.