Your question: What is gem in Indian Railway?

India’s national procurement portal for official purchases, Government e-Marketplace (GeM), and the railways’ e-procurement system are likely to be integrated by the end of this year, in a move to simplify and unify the buying and selling processes for ministries and other government agencies.

What is GeM Sahay?

GeM is a path breaking end-to-end Marketplace for open, efficient & transparent procurement of goods and services for various government ministries, departments, Public Sector Undertakings and other apex autonomous bodies of the Central Government for Public Procurement.

Which is the highest post in Indian Railway?

At the apex level of the Ministry of Railways, Member Staff is the highest level post, who is ex-officio Secretary to Government of India.

What is railway iMMS?

iMMS (Integrated Material Management Information System) is also implemented for procurement of Stores through local purchase by 15 Stores Depots and 6 Divisions. Purchase Module and Depot Module of iMMS is also being implemented by Hqrs. Office and Depots shortly.

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What is Group B in Indian Railway?

Group B (Gaz.) A Railway Service Post carrying Grade Pay Rs. 4600 and Rs. 4200 in Pay Band PB-2 (Rs. 9300-34800) Grade pay Rs.

What is DoE order in GeM?

2020 issued by Department of Expenditure (DoE), Ministry of Finance, wherein inter-alia it is mentioned that it shall be mandatory for sellers providing goods & services to Central Government organizations to be registered on GeM and obtain a unique GeM seller ID at the time of placement of order/acceptance of contract …

What is caution money on GeM?

What is Caution Money? This caution money provision is being introduced for bringing discipline among sellers. All Sellers on GeM would be required to deposit a fixed amount with GeM as Caution Money deposit.

What is salary of TT?

TT salary in India ranges between ₹ 0.2 Lakhs to ₹ 50.6 Lakhs with an average annual salary of ₹ 8.6 Lakhs. Salary estimates are based on 58 salaries received from TTs.

How can I become DGM in railway?

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. The interested candidates must be an IRPS officer working in SG/ JAG or JAG (Adhoc) as per 7th CPC.
  2. Candidates should have a 5 years of working experience in Delhi.

Which job is best in railway?

Top positions

  • Indian Railway Personnel Service (IRPS)
  • Revenue Sector.
  • Engineering Sector.
  • Station Master.
  • Track Inspector.
  • Rail Navigator.
  • Conductor.
  • Fireman.

What is the full form of Cris?

The Centre for Railway Information Systems (CRIS) is an autonomous organization under the Ministry of Railways. It develops and manages the Information Technology applications of the Indian Railways.

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What is the full form of Pcdo?

It stands for ‘Periodical Confidential Demi Official’. It includes Sectional highlights,failures, Sanctioned work status,requirements of Section, action plan etc in the prescribed format.

What is UDM in Ireps?

UDM Capabilities

• Placement of Demands on User Depots & Demand Management. • Generation of computerized Gate Pass for the material issued. • Placement of S-1313 & Imprest (S-1830) Demands on Stores Depots. • Provision for Codification for Non-Stock Items. • Facilitates issue of material on FIFO (First In First Out)

How do you become a DRM?

The qualifications for being a DRM:

  1. He/she is an officer in either of the 8 organized group A services of Indian Railway.
  2. He/she should be below 52 years of age.
  3. He/she should have normally put up around 22-25 years of group A service in Indian Railway.

Which post has highest salary in railway?

The highest-paying job at Indian Railways is a Chief Engineer with a salary of ₹29 Lakhs per year. The top 10% of employees earn more than ₹12.86 lakhs per year.

What is the monthly salary of loco pilot?

The highest salary for a Loco Pilot in India is ₹90,807 per month. What is the lowest salary for a Loco Pilot in India? The lowest salary for a Loco Pilot in India is ₹20,511 per month.