Frequent question: Why did the author write the story the necklace?

The author’s purpose in the necklace is to persuade readers to be true to themselves. The author’s purpose is usually to inform, entertain or persuade. … “The Necklace” is about a vain woman, Mathilde, who borrows a necklace from a friend, Madame Forestier so she can go to a fancy party.

What is the purpose of the author in writing the story The Necklace?

The author’s purpose for writing The Necklace was to show things happen for a reason. Mathilde did not know her own worth or value and ended up doing foolish things to feel satisfied. The new dress was not necassary but she just asked for more than the good things she didn’t cherish enough.

What influenced Maupassant to write The Necklace?

“He’s my disciple and I love him like a son,” Flaubert said of Maupassant. It was a concise description of a twofold relationship: if Flaubert was the inspiration for Maupassant the writer, he also provided the child of a broken marriage with a foster father.

What is the message of the story of necklace?

The story of ‘The Necklace’ is a satire that gives a strong message on human values. The very first thing that this lesson teaches us is that everyone should be content in life with whatever little that he has. One should live within one’s means or else he invites unnecessary problems, anxieties, and confusion in life.

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What message the writer wants to give through it in The Necklace?

Answer: The moral of Guy de Maupassant’s short story, “The Necklace,” is to be happy with what you have.

How does the writer try to interest the reader in The Necklace?

Maupassant maintains the reader’s interest by applying irony, an engrossing theme and ordinary human characters in the short story.

Why the necklace is a fiction?

Genre. The Necklace is a fictional short story in the genre of Realism. Sub-genres include irony, for its surprise ending, and morality tale, for important lessons it offers the reader.