How do you make Titus give up Ruby’s location?

How do you convince Titus disco Elysium?

Convince Hardie boys to tell you the whole story. Speak to Titus and try to convince him that he’s being manipulated. Just like when you had to prove your authority to him, this rhetoric check has many factors concerning how much you’ve poked around in his affairs. This is a medium white check.

How do you get the whole story from Titus?

This task is a continuation of Speak to the assault victim. Downstairs, tell Titus about your conversation. He’ll be angry as usual.

How do I get to Klaasje disco Elysium?

Klaasje stands on the roof of the hotel. Head upstairs to the bedroom, then exit out by interacting with the doormat. Klaasje stands against the railing while smoking, and the character can talk to her about the murder.

Where is badge Disco Elysium?

How to Find the Badge. Your badge is actually just past the water lock by the pawn shop, but as mentioned that’s inaccessible until Day 3. Once you close the lock, however, you’ll be able to cross over into Land’s End.

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Is there a way to fast travel in Disco Elysium?

To fast travel in Disco Elysium, you can only do it from certain areas (though the game isn’t great at explaining it). You can also only do it once you’ve bought the map, which we’ll explain how to get below. Once you’ve got the map, use it as a reference point to find one of the three main areas.

How do you save Titus disco Elysium?

Raul can be dealt with by using the pistol to shoot him in the face (Hand-Eye Coordination Legendary 14) or throwing the spirit bomb in his face (Hand-Eye Coordination Challenging 12). Killing him will save Titus Hardie.

Who runs the Hardy Boys disco Elysium?

Interactions. Starting on Day 2 you can find Titus with the rest of the Hardie Boys in the Union booth at the Whirling-in-Rags. Titus will die at the tribunal unless you successfully take out Korty. If Titus does die, Eugene will take his place as leader of the Hardie Boys.

How do you prove authority to Titus disco Elysium?


  1. Confronting the Hardie boys about the drug trade gives +1 to the check.
  2. Confronting Titus with the fractured bullet gives +1 to the check.
  3. Opening the apartment door for Evrart and then asking Evrart to have the Hardie Boys cooperate gives +2 to the check.
  4. Discussing the eighth Hardie gives +1 to the check.

Is there romance in disco Elysium?

To get right to the point, no, you cannot romance anyone in Disco Elysium. … By and large, Disco Elysium is very focused on the murder mystery at hand, and romance isn’t really a priority in this game at all. So if you were hoping to get with your paramour of choice, sadly you won’t be able to.

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Where is Joyce disco Elysium?

Joyce Messier is the current negotiator for the Wild Pines company, the one trying to work things out between the striking Union workers and management. She’s on her boat at the docks. To get to her, go west from the hotel, west again from the bookstore, north along the road, then northwest past the apartment building.

Is there a map in disco Elysium?

From the starting hotel, go just west to find a bookstore. Speak to the woman inside, then go upstairs and examine the stand in the backmost corner of the store. You can purchase a map there for 90 cents (or steal it if you pass an Interfacing skill check), and it will remain in your journal from then on.