Question: Is Oak Island close to Emerald Isle?

The distance between Oak Island and Emerald Isle is 87 miles. The road distance is 117.6 miles.

What city is Emerald Isle close to?

Emerald Isle is located about 300-miles east of Charlotte.

What is around Emerald Isle?

Best Things to do in Emerald Isle NC

  • Bogue Inlet Fishing Pier.
  • Jet Ski with AB Water Sport.
  • The Hot Wax Surf Shop.
  • Emerald Isle Beach.
  • Hammocks Beach State Park.
  • Salty Pirate Water Park.
  • The Growler Bar in Emerald Isle.
  • Fort Macon State Park.

Is Oak Island a nice beach?

Yes, the beaches on Oak Island are wonderful. They are long and flat. Usually not very crowded. Many of the public beach access points have parking which is free.

Is it safe to visit Oak Island NC?

Considering only the crime rate, Oak Island is as safe as the North Carolina state average and as safe as the national average.

What is the closest beach to Charlotte NC?

Myrtle Beach is the closest Atlantic Ocean beach near Charlotte, NC based on distance or mileage but not necessarily time (a few beaches in North Carolina’s Brunswick Islands may be a faster depending on traffic flow and congestion).

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Is Emerald Isle part of the Outer Banks?

The Outer Banks in North Carolina is an amazing 200-mile stretch of barrier islands off the coast. Emerald Isle is just one of the many beach communities that make up the southernmost part of the Outer Banks.

Is Emerald Isle Open?

Are the beaches in Emerald Isle open for visitors? … All our public beach accesses with parking lots and bath houses remain closed. Travel to Emerald Isle from outside of Carteret County for leisure or recreation is prohibited.

Is Emerald Isle popular?

For years, this has made Emerald Isle a long-coveted vacation destination for families from all over the country. The island is especially famous for excellent fishing, outdoor recreation areas, heritage sites, and an abundance of aquatic life on Bogue Banks.

Where is Emerald Isle Ireland?

Irish Geography

Ireland’s beautiful, lush countryside is what earned the country the nickname, “The Emerald Isle.” The island is located in the Northern Atlantic Ocean, just west of Great Britain. Ireland’s only bordering country is Northern Ireland.

What is wrong with Oak Island?

Oak Island is plagued with crime. Though the town employs a large number of officers, petty thievery and break-ins are rampant. Law Enforcement spend most of their time ticketing locals and tourists alike, while problem areas are ignored.

Is Oak Island a busy beach?

Oak Island features some of the least crowded beaches on the North Carolina coast. While there are lots of visitors, we are sure you’ll never get the feeling that you are fighting for a little piece of sandy heaven like you might at other, more commercialized beaches.

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Is Oak Island quiet?

A quiet haven, Oak Island offers miles of beach facing south with the Intracoastal Waterway on its north side. It boasts more than 65 public beach access locations, with several being handicap accessible. Surf gently tickles the beaches, and moderate tides sweep across the salt marshes.

Does Oak Island have a boardwalk?

Ranked one of the top 10 boardwalks in the country by Food & Wine magazine, a stroll on the Carolina Beach Boardwalk features classic seaside family fun with shops, restaurants and nightlife entertainment. The boardwalk and amusement park is open Memorial Day through Labor Day every year.

Are there alligators on Oak Island NC?

The Oak Island Police Department reminds residents alligators live here, along with a great deal of other wildlife species, and to avoid any contact.

What beach is Oak Island NC?

The Town of Oak Island was formed in 1999 when the towns of Long Beach and Yaupon Beach consolidated. Today, Oak Island is the most populated Brunswick County town and is central to many activities. Homes are situated along the Atlantic Ocean, the Intra-Coastal Waterway, and the Davis Canal.