What do M Loisel and Mme Loisel do after losing the necklace?

Answer: The Loisels leave no stone unturned. M Loisel goes back and searches to the lost necklace. Then, he goes to the police and to the cab offices. Also, they put out an advertisement in the newspapers and offer a reward to anyone who finds the necklace.

What do Mme Loisel and her husband decide to do when they lose the necklace?

Answer: They decided to replace the necklace. They bought a new one for thirty-six thousand francs. Mr Loisel had eighteen thousand francs which his father left him.

What do M and Mme Loisel do?

Answer : M. and Mme Loisel look in the folds of the dress, cloak and in the pockets When they find the necklace missing. Loisel goes out to find it. He also goes to the police and to the cab offices.

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How do Mr & Mrs Loisel replace the lost necklace?

Mr and Mme Loisel replaced the necklace by buying a new one with the same design. The new necklace costed them 36000 francs. They had only about half the money. Mr Loisel borrowed rest of the money from usurers.

What all did Mr and Mme Loisel do to repay for the necklace?

How the Loisels repaid for the borrowed necklace? The Loisels had to buy a diamond necklace for thirty-six thousand francs to replace the one that was lost. Matilda had to cut down on the household expenses and save money while Mr Loisel worked overtime and did copying work at nights.

What kind of person is Mme Loisel husband?

Q2. What kind of a person is her husband? Answer: Her husband M Loisel, is an ordinary and average young man. A mere clerk by profession, he is still contented with his job.

Why was Mme Loisel shocked at the end of the story?

The ending of this story is Madame Loisel was shock because the Necklace that she lend is only imitation. She was regretted because she did not to ask apologize from Madame Forestier. Madame Loisel also accepting that all happened to her.

How did M Loisel try to look out for the lost necklace?

Loisel had borrowed a diamond necklace from her friend Mme. Forestier to wear in a party. When she returned home after attending it, she discovered that she had lost the necklace. … They went to the cab offices and put advertisements in newspapers offering reward to the one who would return the necklace.

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Where does Mme Loisel notice that the necklace is gone?

When Madame Loisel pauses to admire herself in front of the mirror, reliving her glorious evening, she realizes the necklace is missing.

How do they replace the necklace answer?

they replaced the necklace by borrowing 36 thousand and Mr Loisel possessed 8 thousand francs putting this together they bought the chaplet of diamonds from the Palais – Royal shop.

What did Mme Loisel and Mr Loisel do to repay the debts?

To repay this huge loan, they spent all their savings. They sent away maids and Mrs Loisel did all the chores at house herself. They even moved to a cheaper residential place. All this was done to clear the debt soon.

What was the contribution of M Loisel in paying off the debts?

Madame Loisel contributed to the cost of the new necklace by dismissing her servant, moving into a cheaper apartment, and doing all of the household chores by herself. Madame Loisel’s husband was forced to pick up a second job, and the couple worked endlessly for ten years to pay off the genuine necklace.

How did Loisel toil repay his debts?

Answer: In the Guy de Maupassant short story “The Necklace,” Madame Loisel borrows an apparently expensive necklace from her friend Madame Forestier, and then loses it at the party that she attends. The Loisels immediately make arrangements to replace the necklace, borrowing 36,000 francs to buy a new one.