What do you do with the gems in Resident Evil 2?

For the Red Jewel you are actually looking for a second object: the bejeweled box. It can be found in the Observation Room. Once you have it, just select either it or the Red Jewel from your inventory and combine the two items. They will open to reveal an RPD badge.

What do you do with the jewel in Resident Evil 2?

The red jewel is something you combine with a jewelry box that’s found in the observation room. Inside, you’ll find the S.T.A.R.S badge, which can be used in the S.T.A.R.S office to unlock the weapons cabinet in that room.

What do you do with the red gemstone in Resident Evil?

It’s beautifully cut and polished to a mirror-like surface. A perfectly cut gemstone shimmering a dark red. Use this in the small indentation in the Jewelry Box 2 to activate the puzzle to acquire the Broach.

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Where is the jewel box in RE2?

How to open bejeweled box in RE2? Once you have the jewel, you can use it to open the bejeweled box. You’ll find it on the shelf in the Interrogation Room. Pick it up and combine it with the gem from your inventory.

What do I do with the scepter in Resident Evil 2?

You may be curious as to what the purpose of the Resident Evil 2 Remake Red Jewel Scepter is now. Having the Red Jewel Scepter will allow players to unlock the Bejeweled Box and collect the S.T.A.R.S. Badge later on in the game and their quest to stop all of the horrors that the newly released title offers.

Where do I use the scepter in Resident Evil 2?

All you have to do is Examine the Scepter and rotate it until you find a switch. Hit A to trigger it and the Red Jewel will pop out, replacing the Scepter in your inventory.

What do I do with the C4 in Resident Evil 2?

Find the C4 on the south side of the room, and use the Detonator.

  1. Stand back to avoid the explosion, and head through to find the Maiden statue and third Medallion puzzle.
  2. Once collected, a Licker and a zombie will emerge when you progress back through the West Storage.

Where do you save Rebecca in Resident Evil?

The time to save Rebecca occurs right after you enter the room where you use the Emblem Key on the door with the Umbrella emblem on the 1st floor, East wing. It’s the door on Chris’ right. See that highlighted room? That’s the room you use the Emblem Key on.

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Where do I use the Medal of Eagle Resident Evil?

Purpose. The Medal of Eagle is one of the items needed to access the Arklay Laboratory underneath the mansion, along with the Medal of Wolf. The player must place it in the hollow slot on the east side of the Courtyard Fountain. Placing both medals will open the entrance to the lab.

Where do you get bejeweled box?

Leon can enter the Observation Room (1F) with the Club Key, and Claire’s Heart Key gets her into the Interrogation Room. You can cross between these rooms, though, so we’re lumping them together. Both characters will find the Bejeweled Box in the Observation Room.

What is in the jeweled box re2?

Pick up the Bejeweled Box on the shelf and then combine the Red Jewel with it in your inventory. Inside you’ll find the S.T.A.R.S. Badge which can open the Special Weapons Case in t]]he Underground Stairs with weapon upgrades inside for each character.

What do I do with the battery in Resident Evil 2?

In the S.T.A.R.S. Office, the battery can be found by picking up a boom box radio. Combine the Battery with the Detonator to destroy the C4 on Fl. 3 East Storage Room to get the final Emblem.

How do you open the special weapon case in re2?

Players must to bring the S.T.A.R.S. Badge to the Special Weapons Case, retract the USB key by examining it in the inventory, and slot the badge into the case, at which point it will finally open.

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How do I get to boiler room re2?

Grab the bullets on the red bench near the fiery crash, then head down the stairs to find the Boiler Room door. Approaching causes two zombies to shamble out, but once they’re dealt with, head inside to find the Club Key taped to the whiteboard.