What is a word for blue gemstone?

Synonyms, crossword answers and other related words for BLUE GEMSTONE [sapphire]

Which stone is blue in Colour?

Blue Gemstone Identification

Blue Sapphire Rich and Saturated Blue
Blue Topaz Light to medium translucent blue
Tanzanite Dark translucent violet-blue
Star Sapphire Blue star on the surface
Sodalite Dark blue-purple

What is the name of a blue green gem?

The most consistently blue-green gemstones are amazonite, turquoise, chrysocolla, and apatite. Other stones like fluorite, jasper, and agate come in many colors and some individual stones are blue green.

What is a blue green mineral?

Top Answers for blue green mineral. 5 Letters: BERYL.

What is a light blue gemstone called?

Aquamarines are often very light blue gemstones.

What is the rarest blue gemstone?

Blue Spinel: The Rarest Blue Gem In The World

  • Of all the gemstones in the world, there is only one that occurs in a natural shade of blue. …
  • Spinels come in a variety of shades, but the blue spinel gemstones are the ones receiving a heightened amount of popularity lately.

What gemstone looks like turquoise?

Magnesite is a beautiful gemstone that looks similar to Turquoise or Howlite. When cut and polished into beads, it features a dark thread of veins or a web-like matrix across its surface, making it an attractive gem to use for jewelry-making projects.

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What gemstones are blue and green?

Our Top 6 Blue & Green Gemstones for Love

  • LAPIS LAZULI. This sparkling gem was a favorite with ancient cultures, who often confused it with Sapphire. …
  • EMERALD. …
  • JADE. …

What stone is similar to Aquamarine?

Topaz is naturally white in colour but may develop colour shades by introduction of impurity and inclusions. Iron and Chromium make the Topaz stone appear blue giving it a fair resemblance with Aquamarine. Topaz scores 8 on the Mohs scale meaning it is very hard and durable than most of the gemstones.

What is a variety of beet?

5 letter answer(s) to variety of beet

CHARD. long succulent whitish stalks with large green leaves.

What does malachite look like?

Malachite is rarely found as a crystal, but when found, the crystals are usually acicular to tabular in shape. The crystals are bright green in color, translucent, with a vitreous to adamantine luster. Non-crystalline specimens are opaque, usually with a dull to earthy luster.

Is olivine a peridot?

Peridot is the gem variety of the mineral olivine. Its chemical composition includes iron and magnesium, and iron is the cause of its attractive yellowish green colors. The gem often occurs in volcanic rocks called basalts, which are rich in these two elements.

What stone is royal blue?

The value of a sapphire has a lot to do with its color, with deep, vivid royal blue sapphires being among the most valuable. Learn about the sapphire’s meaning and why this royal blue gem is a symbol of integrity and wisdom.

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What is a blue stone in a ring?

Sapphire is probably the most popular of all of the blue gemstones. This precious stone is paired with diamonds in an engagement ring. Sapphire is traditionally a deep blue color. The sapphire is the birthstone for those born in the month of September.