Where can I buy may cast PET jewels?

The only stores currently selling these gift cards are Krogers and Safeway/Albertsons/Vons, with only the Krogers selling the $10 cards. The jewels available change every month.

How do you get may cast brace jewel?

These jewels come with two talents on a single jewel. They are also all shatter-proof, meaning they don’t get destroyed when you remove them from a socket. The undauntable opal can currently be obtained from pre-paid cards from Safeway, Albertsons, Vons, and Kroger through the month of July.

How do you get may cast Pigsie jewel?

Bu going to the Safeway or Kroger sites, you can go to store locator to find one near you. There are other stores associated with Safeway, like Shaw’s. The Jewel is a “May Cast” so you should be able to socket to a pet that has the card.

How do you get Kroger jewels in wizard101?

There are 2 versions of this card:

Currently, there is a total of 16 Pet Jewel cards. $10 cards: Includes pet jewel, 1 energy elixir, and 5K crowns (or 1 month sub). $20 cards: Includes pet jewel, 1 energy elixir, and 10K crowns (or 2 months sub).

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What triggers may cast Legion Shield?

Potential benefits are available to the Wizard only if the Pet is equipped. Effect: Provides a chance that the pet may cast Legion Shield. Trigger: Being successfully attacked or a friend attacked by an opponent. Ally being healed by Fairy Friend.

What triggers Maycast unicorn?

The unicorn may cast is triggered by the owner taking damage, there is a 5% of chance for it to happen. The chance of it happening is lower than the one of the may cast sprite or the may cast fairy so unless you are mostly playing with other players, consider those two options.

What is Sprite Queen?

From Wizard101 Wiki. Description: A Pet Talent that either provides benefits to the Wizard or raises the Pet’s attributes. Potential benefits are available to the Wizard only if the Pet is equipped.

Where do you find Kookaburra in Wizard101?

Try the kiosk in Pet Pavillion. It has most pets in it and I know it has all the Kookaburras. I hatched with an Ornery Kookaburra on my fire.

Where do you get Pigsie in Wizard101?

You can get pigsie TC by many ways, farming loremaster, buying some grizzleheim lore packs might get you the TC or the spell and planting some life moon seeds from beast moon event.

Is Kroger jewel?

In 1971, Jewel expanded their brand into Wisconsin by acquiring eight failing stores from Kroger and rebranded the stores Jewel. After a decade of operations, Jewel closed all their stores in Wisconsin in 1980.

Where can I get a Kroger card in wizard101?

$20 from Kroger stores in North Texas within the United States. It is also available at Safeways, Von’s, and Albertsons.

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What level do you get mass feint?

Items Which Give This Card:

Dworgyn’s Havoc Hood (Level 120+)

What are the best pet talents wizard101?

For a nice well rounded pet, I typically gravitate towards universal resistance (proof and defy), a may cast heal or two (usually spritely, fairy, or unicorn for me), and some damage (often pain-giver).

What is enfeeble wizard101?

Enfeeble. We all love it when it help us and hate it when it removes all of our blades. In case you’re still not familiar with this wonderful spell, it removes all the blades that are spinning around your opponent’s head.

How does Maycast work in wizard101?

Maycasts act on triggers. Different maycasts need different triggers. If a trigger happens in battle there is a chance the pet will use their maycast. As you can see, some maycasts have a lot more triggers than others so they are much more likely to be cast.