Why do the diamonds hate Fusion?

The Diamond Authority banned cross-gem fusion and brainwashed their followers that cross-gem fusion is wrong because of the potential threat that they can overpower and overthrow them, and that gems will no longer have to listen to them because they are more powerful than them now.

What would happen if the Diamonds fused?

The revelation of the Diamonds being fusions would be like the revelation of Garnet being a fusion in “Jailbreak” all over again. It would also be a dark twist since the Diamonds have imprisoned Gems in their bodies for millennia. The freed Gems would probably join the Crystal Gems to get revenge on their captors.

Can Diamonds be fused together?

Sadly, Diamonds don’t Work that way. You can’t Melt them, Glue them, or Compress them together. Once a Diamond gets Created, or Broken, it’s like that for Life!

What would happen if Steven has a child?

Steven is a stem of pink diamond = pink Steven. If steven has a child, the same rules would apply. Steven would have to give up his life in order for his child to exist just like his mother before him. The gem would go on probably gocto the next child and steven would become half of them.

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Can gems actually fuse?

To fuse, Gems must be in perfect sync mentally, physically, and emotionally. Fusions are usually formed when two or more Gems perform a synchronized dance, though this is only optional, as seen with Smoky Quartz. Each fusion’s dance is different. Same type Gems are able to fuse by physical contact.

Who is Black diamond Steven Universe?

Black Diamond is a Homeworld Gem who was sent into exile by her sister, White Diamond, and the founder and leader of the Black Witches of the Black Coven.

Can the diamonds be Poofed?

While diamonds are hard in real life, when a gem is “poofed”, their gem is still intact. … Any gem can be poofed, no matter how hard they are. If their physical form is destroyed, they are “poofed” Shattering is a whole different story.

What happens if Steven’s gem is removed?

When Steven’s gem is removed from his body, his organic body becomes very weak; it’s heavily implied (although, in fairness, not shown) that if the gem remains separated for long enough, the organic part of Steven will die.

Why does Steven need his gem?

Gems are one of the most important symbols in Steven Universe. … So in order to have a child, Steven’s mom, Rose Quartz, had to give up her gemstone to become half of him. Any DNA that would come from his mother comes from her gemstone. This means Steven’s gemstone was once his mom’s gemstone.

What would happen if Steven got Poofed?

His body will completely stop functioning, so he won’t breathe, his heart won’t pump blood etc. With regular humans, this can be considered as dead. 3. His gem can be removed from his corspe and when he regenerates, he creates an entirely new body (potentially starting over again as a baby).

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Who is obsidian a fusion of?

Obsidian is the fusion of Garnet (and by extension Ruby and Sapphire), Amethyst, Pearl, and Steven Universe. They formed for the very first time in their debut episode, “Change Your Mind”.

What is Steven and garnet Fusion?

Garnet is a fusion — i.e., two Gems combining personalities and appearances as one shared holographic body — formed by two Gems named Ruby and Sapphire, who choose to remain permanently fused out of love for each other.

Are Ruby and Sapphire in love?

Ruby and Sapphire have been confirmed to love each other, GARNET has confirmed it too. Of course they do. But love by gem standards. … Ruby and Sapphire have been confirmed to love each other, GARNET has confirmed it too.