Why is Ruby slang for curry?

Murray’s popularity led to her name being adopted in Cockney rhyming slang as a rhyme for “curry”. … A play about Murray’s life, Ruby, written by the Belfast playwright Marie Jones, opened at the Group Theatre in Belfast in April 2000.

Why is Indian food called a Ruby?

Ruby Murray is Cockney slang for Curry.

A popular and well used expression across London, where Indian food such as curry have been enormously popular since the 1970s. In fact Ruby Murray has become so synomyous with curry, that many London Indian restaurants are named simply “The Ruby”.

Why is Ruby rhyming slang for curry?

Phonetic resemblance brings us back to Ruby, at last. It is of course the rhyme of her surname Murray with curry that encouraged Cockneys to replace the one with the other in their slang. … The decade after the war was also the time that curry became a staple of British cuisine.

What happened to Ruby Murray the singer?

SINGER Ruby Murray, the 1950s star dubbed the “heartbeat girl”, has died. She was aged 61. Belfast-born Ms Murray, who had lived in Britain for many years, died yesterday morning in a Torquay hospital after a long battle against alcoholism.

Who was Ruby Murray married to?

“going out for a ruby”……a ruby is cockney rhyming slang for a curry after the 50s singer Ruby Murray. Neville. 5 days ago. Yeah – definitely in British slang, and particularly London, it means an (Indian) curry.

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Why is it called a Ruby?

The name Ruby comes from the name of a red precious stone, which is the birthstone for July. The word ‘ruby’ derives from the Latin word ‘ruber,’ which means red. Ruby is a relatively modern name. It only became commonly used as a given name in the 19th century.

What is cockney rhyming slang for beer?

Pig’s Ear is Cockney slang for Beer.

What does a curry mean in England?

In Britain ‘curries’ have come to mean almost any dish from India though it is not a word used in the sub-continent. Neither is curry a spice, but a spicy recipe using spices and herbs with meat, fish and vegetable dishes from various Asian countries including Sri Lanka, Burma, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia.