You asked: How do you classify gemstones?

There are two classifications of gemstones: Precious and Semi-Precious. Precious stones are Sapphires, Rubies, and Emeralds. These three gems are the only stones that are called precious. Semi-Precious stones are Amethyst, Aquamarine, Citrine, Garnet, Onyx, Opal, Peridot, Tanzanite, and Topaz.

How can you tell the difference between gemstones?

Glass and gemstones can be differentiated by differences in physical properties. Even quartz gemstones, the gemstones chemically closest to glass, are distinctly different from glass. Glass has lower hardness, lower refractive index and lower density (specific gravity) than gemstones.

What are the four types of gems?

“Precious stones” is a name that is usually used in reference to four types of gems: diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and emeralds. Precious stones are usually transparent and cut by faceting – like the stones shown in the accompanying image.

What are the 4 C’s of gemstones?

Determining the quality of a gemstone involves what jewelers refer to as the “four C’s.” They are as follows:

  • Color.
  • Clarity.
  • Cut.
  • Carat Weight.
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How are gemstones certified?

Certified gemologists will use a gemstone laboratory to put the gemstone in question through a series of specific and exact tests to come to a final determination and, if possible, the grade assigned to the stone. Be sure to do research on any company or brand certification that you are not familiar with.

How do you identify a rough gemstone?

To identify a rough gemstone, review its mineral qualities, inspect its streak and examine its luster. Each gemstone has its own particular set of qualities you can catalog to help you with identification. Check with your state’s department of mines and minerals to locate regions suitable for rockhounding in your area.

How can you tell if a stone is real or fake?

There are several ways to check the density of the stone. One way is to rub and tap two stones together. If you observe a plastic sound, then it’s probably fake. If it is a deeper sound, then it is more likely to be authentic.

What are the big 3 gemstones?

Emeralds, Sapphires, and Rubies (the “big 3”) are generally considered precious gemstones where as most other gemstones are considered semi-precious. ( apart from some Spinels). There are several reasons for this.

What do you call a group of gems?

The word lapidary relates to precious stones, especially the things people do with them such as cut, polish, and set them in a fancy bracelet. … Someone who collects precious or rare stones has a lapidary hobby. You can also call a person who works with such stones a lapidary.

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Can all minerals be gemstones?

All minerals can be gemstones, but not all gemstones can be minerals. Also, rocks are comprised of minerals, but minerals are not comprised of rocks. A rock is an inorganic, solid, and natural substance without any specific atomic structure or chemical composition.

How do gems get their color?

It’s the same with gemstones; each particular mineral absorbs some of the light and refracts some of the light, and the wavelength of that refracted light determines the color that we see in the gemstone. When the gemstone is formed with impurities inside, different impurities can present with different colors.

How many gemstones are there?

There are roughly 200 varieties of natural gemstone known in the world today. Alongside the world’s precious gems (diamond, ruby, sapphire, and emerald) are numerous semi-precious stones, some of which are so incredibly rare that their value outstrips many of the world’s most valuable precious gems.

What makes a stone gem quality?

Gemstone pricing and value are governed by factors and characteristics in the quality of the stone. These characteristics include clarity, rarity, freedom from defects, the beauty of the stone, as well as the demand for such stones.

Which gem certificate is best?

GIA or the Gemological Institute of America’s certificates are also highly regarded because GIA is the largest & the most trusted gemological lab. GIA’s diamond grading standards are accepted Internationally because it is consistent as well as reliable.

What is a Certified Ruby?

A certified ruby is a ruby that has the most significant quality features. Wherein a ruby is graded based on 4 c’s – colour, carat, clarity and cut. If you want to buy fine quality certified ruby sapphire emerald, then only prefer to purchase from reputed dealers.

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What are certified stones?

What Are Certified Diamonds? Certified diamonds are stones whose quality characteristics have been evaluated by a gemstone grading lab. The results of the assessment are recorded in a grading report, which is what most people call a “diamond certificate.”