You asked: Is IGI reputable for lab diamonds?

Lab-created diamonds are certified, giving you important information on Cut, Clarity, Carat Weight, and more. … Overall, the best certification for lab-created diamonds is the IGI, because they give specific gradings for qualities like Color and Clarity.

Is IGI reputable for lab grown diamonds?

In the end, the IGI is currently the most reliable for grading lab-created diamonds, and paying for a GIA certificate will result in a higher retail price for you, the end customer.

Is IGI lab reputable?

While IGI is a reliable lab, it is still not as strong as GIA. … Moreover, buying an IGI diamond with lab reports from their more established labs in the U.S. and Europe might be a good ideal. It is also important to note that IGI is not as inconsistent in low grade diamonds as they are in high grade diamonds.

Is IGI diamond certificate good?

For two diamonds of the same carat, color, and clarity grade, an IGI certified diamond is on average 12% cheaper than a GIA certified diamond. Based on the results of the grading and pricing analyses, IGI certified diamonds potentially represent a good value opportunity.

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Should I buy an IGI diamond?

If you are buying a very high color or clarity like F VS1, it would be better to buy a GIA certified diamond. However, if you are planning to buy slightly lower quality, say a I color or SI1, you can consider buying IGI certified since you will save a bit of money without compromising much on quality.

Which certification is better GIA vs IGI?

They work fast, and their prices are much better than GIA’s and AGS’s. Both of these diamonds have an “SI2” clarity grade. One of them is certified by EGL, the other by GIA.

1) IGI vs. GIA.

Diamond IGI Grade GIA Grade
1.00 ct J, SI2 K, I1

How much does IGI certification cost?

IGI Diamond Reports

0.46 to 0.69 $ 70
0.70 to 0.89 $ 80
0.90 to 0.95 $ 95
0.96 to 1.45 $ 125

Which diamond lab Certification is best?

The best diamond certifications are the GIA and AGS because they’re the most consistent lab grading entities. That means you can trust their grading in all aspects like Color, Clarity and Cut quality. These labs also grade more rigorously than other labs.

What is the most reputable diamond certification?

What are the best Diamond Certifications?

  • GIA, AGS, and GCAL are the best labs.
  • GIA is the most well-known, well-respected diamond grading laboratory.

What does IGL certified mean?

International Gemological Laboratories. IGL certificates online verification. The IGL Diamond Certificate provides a reliable and accurate documentation of a diamond’s identity and grade based on the internationally recognized diamond grading system.

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What is an IGI report?

IGI Lab Diamond Certification

The independent laboratory carefully studies colored stones and jewelry, along with lab grown diamonds, to determine authenticity. Following an assessment, the experts compile an IGI lab grown diamond report to outline the results.

How do I read my IGI diamond Report?

IGI certified diamonds are graded on a concise color scale. These grades range on a scale from D (100% colorless/white/clear) to Z (which include diamonds with the most yellow tint/primarily yellow-hued diamonds). The carat scale for IGI certification varies according to a size vs. weight ratio.