You asked: What is the most powerful soul gem in Oblivion?

The grand soul gem is the largest soul gem, and can carry any size of white soul. When filled with the best applicable soul, their capacity utilized in enchanting is 1600.

What is the strongest soul gem?

Azura’s Star is essentially the most powerful Soul Gem in the game, and can be obtained by completing Azura’s Daedric Quest. Its quality is the same as a Grand Soul Gem; however, it has infinite uses and it is not used up after enchanting or recharging.

Do Black Soul Gems make better enchantments oblivion?

At earlier levels Black Soul Gems are the easiest way to enchant powerful items as you will not be encountering any creatures with Grand Souls until much later on, and Black Soul Gems are much more powerful than the early Sigil Stones you can acquire (they have less overall charge but the effects can be much more …

What is the strongest soul in Skyrim?

The grand soul gem is the largest soul gem that can be obtained in the game.

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What are Black Soul Gems?

A Black Soul Gem is a special type of Soul Gem that can capture the souls of humanoid mobs and Ghosts. They are as powerful as Grand Soul Gems, and can also capture lesser souls. … Additionally, Black Soul Gems are used in a number of Atronach Forge Recipes.

Is Black Soul Gem better than grand?

Grand soulgems can hold any size of soul, from petty to grand. A black soulgem can only hold grand souls from humans. This makes them much easier to fill and they are always holding the strongest soul type to enchant with.

What creatures fill grand soul gems?

Grand Soul Gem

  • Ancient Dragon.
  • Elder Dragon.
  • Dragon Priest.
  • Dremora Valkynaz.
  • Falmer Shadowmaster.
  • Falmer Spellsword Shadowmaster.
  • Falmer Warrior Shadowmaster.
  • Falmer Boss Warrior Shadowmaster.

Which souls are grand Skyrim?

Dragon Priest, Draugr Death Overlord, Falmer Shadowmaster, Falmer Warmonger, Gargoyle Sentinel, Guardian Saerek, Keeper, King Olaf-One-Eye and Mammoth are the ones that have grand soul.

Can you make black soul gems?

Black soul gems can also be obtained by mining geode veins, found only in Blackreach. With Dawnguard, they can also now be made from grand and greater soul gems by activating the Lightning Attractor in the Soul Cairn. … Black soul gems in Skyrim are much more common than they were in Oblivion.

What day does oblivion start on?

There are 12 months in Tamriel’s calendar and anywhere between 28 to 31 days in each, as well as seven days in a week. The game begin on the 27th of Last Seed in the year 3E 433. The year will continue to increment as in-game time passes (3E 434, etc.)

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What souls do Draugr have?

Draugr Scourges yield Common Souls. Draugr Deathlords yield Greater Souls (Level 30) or Grand Souls (Level 40). Draugr Death Overlords yield Greater Souls (Level 34) or Grand Souls (Level 45).

What is a grand soul?

Larger or higher-leveled creatures possess greater or grand souls, such as mammoths (grand) or giants (greater). Humanoid races possess grand souls, but can only be trapped in a black soul gem or the Daedric artifact the Black Star, which is obtained through the quest of the same name.

What kind of souls do Falmer have?

Souls Alphabetically

Creature Soul Gem Soul Level
Falmer Nightprowler Greater (Other) 2000
Falmer Shadowmaster Common 1000
Grand 3000
Falmer Skulker Lesser 500

Can Azura’s Star hold human souls?

Like regular soul gems, Azura’s Star has the ability to trap white souls, or those of creatures. These souls can be used for enchanting or recharging. … Followers wielding weapons with Soul Trap can use Azura’s Star to capture souls.

Can you empty soul gems Skyrim?

As mentioned in the accepted answer to this question, you can drop the gem to the ground and it will be emptied. From the UESP wiki, “Soul Gem” article: Occasionally, dropping a soul gem you filled yourself onto the ground will cause it to lose its charge without breaking.

How do you get black Azura’s star in Oblivion?

Azura’s Star is a Daedric artifact that can be obtained by completing Azura’s Daedric Quest. It is essentially a reusable Grand Soul Gem. When you enchant an item or recharge an enchanted weapon using Azura’s Star it becomes empty, but the Star itself remains in your inventory.

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