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We are Kopolonia.

Fashion trends cycle around every few years, and right now, there's a huge renaissance of fashion from the 1990s and early 2000s. We saw the '90s trend start to pop up last year. Brown lipsticks were suddenly everywhere, chunky heels were in, and mom jeans went from being normcore to actually core. '90s fashion is easy to wear but hard to master.

The laid-back, soft grunge look isn't hard to attain, but it can be hard to get to just the right amount of grunge without actually crossing over into grotty – and to do it in a way that reads as cool today, not as "I lived through the 1990s and have never bought new clothes." Vintage is cool. Worn is not.

One of the easiest and most accessible ways to transform an outfit from grunge to great is with the use of a choker. Those thin necklaces either sit midway down your neck, managing to be tight enough not to fall down but loose enough not to choke you, or rest just at the base of it, sometimes with dangling ties that double as a necklace – chokers are one of the easiest ways to take an outfit from hobo to hot. They're ultra-versatile and look good on everyone. What's not to love?

Kopolonia offers a wide array of chokers to match any style. As a brand, they focus on simple, sexy statement pieces that translate a sense of the wearer's identity through the jewelry they choose to wear. They have a wide array of chokers to match anyone's style, and chokers can be ordered in custom sizes. The ability to order a choker in a custom size is a game changer, fixing one of the most common problems with chokers! With the huge array of diverse chokers to select from, Kopolonia is one of the foremost jewelry brands to be watching this fall.

This year, we're definitely keeping the '90s trends going, but we're seeing some of the highlights of the '00s popping up in the fashion and makeup sectors as well. Glitter lips are big for fall, and uber-metallic eye shadows have been popping up again too, likely as a rebellion against the over-contoured, over-sculpted faces that have been dominating Instagram ever since the Kardashian Klan made a worldwide empire for themselves. With fashion too, crushed velvet is coming back, as are lingerie-style slip dresses and dressy tops with bell sleeves meant to be paired with jeans for a night out.

It makes sense, of course, that this would be the time to start seeing a revival of '90s and '00s clothing. It's no secret that young people today have immense buying power, and millennials are ageing up to the point where they are now old enough to be wearing the styles that were in fashion when they were kids. Millennials remember fondly their favorite peasant blouses with the bell sleeves and ties at the neck, the cheap glitter eye shadow they bought from Claire's, the chokers they begged their parents to buy them and then lost when their soccer coaches made them remove all necklaces before games.

Now, however, they're ready to try these trends as adults. No longer confined to cheap jewelry, makeup, and clothes their parents chose for them, millennials are returning to the styles of their childhood in an updated, expanded way with the help of Kopolonia.

Fashion is, at the heart, about stealing the best parts of past trends and re-imagining them every few decades. So you're seeing cut-out tops with "choker" bands, open sleeves – all of these are reminiscent of deep-necked blouses from the 1970s with tiny ties and bell sleeves, just reinvented as something more modern. As a rapidly growing brand, Kopolonia will soon be releasing a clothing line, making them a primary destination for the hottest looks. As fashion is naturally reinvented, the choker is getting its time to shine as well.

Sure, those black or rainbow plastic chokers, the ones that shrink to fit around your wrist and then expand and stretch out in a multitude of loops when placed around your neck – those are cheap, easy to find, and a classic. They'll never go out of style. And same, too, for the longer suede ties that can be wrapped around multiple times, tied with a bow, the ends dangling … the effect is edgy but feminine.

The new game changer for this season, though, are gold chokers and chunky chokers, which feature prominently on Kopolonia's site.

The gold choker necklaces on Kopolonia manage to take an established choker identity and update it for a modern era. Gold is, of course, the color for fall, as it provides a warm metal contrast to the darkening days. Its yellow tone evokes the leaves getting ready to fall from the trees, bright red apples and orange pumpkins, and coordinates exceptionally well with the burgundies, lavenders, and maroons that always seem to crop up at this time of year.

The chunky chokers available through Kopolonia are substantial statement necklaces. When paired with a wide-necked, low-cut, or off-the-shoulder blouse, %28or any item of clothing that leaves open a wide expanse of skin, they draw one's attention to the wearer's neck, and then to the face. They complement a minimalist style of dressing elsewhere, providing the statement piece, but they also blend in neatly with more maximalist, dressed up outfits as well.

In addition to seeing a resurgence of the '90s and '00s, maximalist is also returning, a rebellion against the hyper-minimalist aesthetic seen so frequently these days. Maximalism is perhaps more difficult than minimalism to pull off, requiring a detailed understanding of fashion, so the ability to coordinate clashing items of clothing is a rare and valued one indeed.

Gold chokers add a welcome variety to the world of chokers, making a more delicate and feminine statement than thick black ones. Celebrities such as Kendall Jenner have been spotted repeatedly donning gold chokers, pairing them with everything from t-shirts and jeans while out running errands, to sporting them on the red carpet in long, flowing gowns.

Chokers also provide a level of freedom that many other necklaces do not. It's easy to combine a Kopolonia choker with another necklace, whether it be a second choker or a long hanging pendant. By mixing a chunky gold choker with another necklace, the wearer adds visual interest to their outfit by having elements at various heights, and often of varying materials. A thick gold choker worn at the midpoint of the neck matched with a thin silver necklace worn lower is a great way to mix metals and participate in yet another current fashion trend.

Kopolonia features a wide array of chokers, from thick and chunky ones to delicate and smooth ones. Combining several for a one-of-a-kind look is a sure way to stand out in the crowd. Their Matador Cow Skull Necklace, for example, features a golden cow skull attached to a thick gold chain. It's the perfect accessory to add a little edge to a '90s resurgence velvet slip dress, for example, as the thickness of the choker will add contrast to the thin and dainty straps, while the gold will complement the sheen of the velvet and ensure that it does not look out of place.

For a different look that still draws attention, wear Kopolonia's Anastasia-style choker – a thick, braided gold rope – over a black turtleneck and ultra-skinny jeans. The brightness of the gold and the choker's bold braid will ensure that it stands out, and it's a surprising but fashionable way to dress up a basic clothing staple. Wear your hair pulled tightly back for maximum effect.

There are many ways to participate in the current resurgence of '90s and '00s fashion, and chokers are one of the easiest. They look great on people of all body shapes and sizes, they're eminently affordable, and they're trendy in a classic way. A Kopolonia choker will still look great years from now. Chunky acrylic platform sandals will still be a statement, certainly, but perhaps not one you're looking to make.