Estrella - Opal Star Necklace

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Estrella is an opal star necklace, this beauty is on a thin 18k gold plated gold chain. This beauty has a beautiful star charm with an opal stone in it. This baby is so dainty and cute and it literally has shines so beautifully. A little bit of sunlight and this gem will give make you the star of the room. 

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Extended description

The necklace is adjustable with a 3-inch extension to allow room for various neck sizes. Moreover, it allows you room and flexibility to choose the manner in which you want to wear it. You can choose if you want it to fit snugly around the neck or you would like it to wear it loose so it dangles across the chest; whatever fits your taste. The hook is durable and makes the piece comfortable to wear.

This beauty can add a simple yet preciously tasteful look to your ensemble when worn on its own. You can wear it with any outfit and it instantly spruces up your entire wardrobe. If you want to glam up your street-casual look, you can throw on your t-shirt, jeans and sneakers then add the Estrella Necklace and it will instantly transform your seemingly plain look into a glamorous one without having to put in all the extra effort. It is also office appropriate because it is simple. You can wear it when going out to a fancy cocktail party too. This piece goes with everything.