Michael - Snake Chain Necklace

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Michael is a beautiful snake gold necklace. This beautiful 19.5 inch gold filled chain is so sparkly and a must to pair with any other Kopolonia necklace or choker. 

Length: 19.5
Color: Gold

Michael - Snake Chain Necklace

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Extended description

Gold is a marriage between the warm colors of yellow and brown. It is also a precious metal, sought after by many. For centuries, gold has been linked with grandeur, opulence and prosperity, as well as glamour and glitz. Anyone clad in gold accessories commands a queenly ambiance. A simple thing gold chain will do precisely that.

Michael is a wafer-thick gold chain that gives a subtle touch of chicness to any outfit. This snake gold necklace makes a statement of its own. Elegance is simple, and Michael is tailored for effortless charm and allure.

Michael does not compromise comfort for beauty. This chain is worn with ease and enjoyment. It can be worn on its own or in combination with any of our chokers for an edgier, on-trend look.

The necklace comes with a hook that is filled with 24K of gold and is very easy to use. The hook is not only fashionable but also functional, due to its ease of use. Once the hook is fastened, Michael Chain Necklace will bring your outfit to the most chic and glamorous vibe.

Michael can be worn with a simple t-shirt and your pair of denim jeans, styled with a LBD, or worn another way from a whole range of outfit possibilities.