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Sagittarius Necklace (Gold-Zodiac Necklace)

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Sagittarius Zodiac is a gold zodiac coin charm necklace. This zodiac necklace has an 18k  gold plated thin chain an a gold coin charm that make a fantastic duo.

This chain has an extra four inches of gold plated extender and an easy to use clasp. You can also special order the size of your chain. Just leave us a message on notes!

Color: Gold
Length: 15 " + 4" extender

**Sagittarius Zodiac (Star-Gold Choker)

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Extended description

We know that Sagittarians are always searching for new ways to express themselves, and we think that you may just fall in love with our gold Sagittarius Necklace. It's everything that you've ever wanted in a piece of zodiac jewelry. We think that this coin necklace, which shows off a delicate engraving of the Sagittarius constellation, is a beautiful twist on zodiac self-expression. Whether you are a Sagittarian or you adore a Sagittarian, this necklace is the perfect way to proclaim your love for the most adventurous sign of the zodiac.

A gold charm engraved with the Sagittarius constellation hangs from a delicate 18k gold plated chain. The chain is 15" in length and we have included a 4" extender for those who prefer a necklace with a particularly relaxed fit. If you'd like the necklace custom fitted, just add your measurements in the "notes" section of your order.