Mercy (Thin-Gold Choker)

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Mercy, this thin patterned gold chain is a statement choker. It's made of beautiful thin 18K patterned gold chain. Makes the perfect addition to a stack of chokers or you can wear her alone.

It has an easy to use 18K gold plated hook and a 4 inch plated gold extender for extra space. This babe will literally become a favorite among your accessories.

*Mercy (Thin-Gold Choker)
Size: 10 1/2" + 4"
Color: Gold

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Remember not to wear it too tight, wear it comfortably!

Extended description

There's something about precious metal chokers this season. One of the loveliest pieces you could ever find in this fashion category is the Mercy. This neck accessory is a thin, beautiful gold choker necklace. It's 10 and a half inches long and forged into a beautifully patterned form. The 18k gold is an exquisite color that gleams when it catches both natural and artificial lighting.

The Mercy has a durable, easy-to-use 18K gold plated hook. It is also adjustable because it has a 4-inch gold plated extender to allow versatility in wearing and accommodating various neck sizes. Therefore you can choose to wear it snug around your neck, or give it an allowance to dangle. However, always remember not to wear it too tight but to wear it in such a way that you are comfortable.

You can style this dainty neckpiece however you wish, according to your sense of style and personality. It is subtle yet glamorous. Sophisticated simplicity defines this piece. If you decide on a simple, minimalistic look, you can wear it on its own. You can pair this look with any outfit of your choosing. It will complete and complement a simple casual ensemble like a plain top and jeans. It will match your formal pantsuit or round neck dress for the professional woman or that fancy night-out-in-the-town look. You can easily style it with any clothes you have in your wardrobe, and the result is an instant glam transformation of outfits you thought would never do.

It is as exquisite minimalist as it is layered. You can choose to stack it with other chokers and neck pieces for a chic, edgy look. You may also wear it with other accessories without looking stuffy. This classically timeless, Avante Garde fashion accessory is a must-have and a popular favorite for everyone, regardless of age or personality.