Virgen Maria (Cross-Gold Choker)
Virgen Maria (Cross-Gold Choker)
Virgen Maria (Cross-Gold Choker)

Virgen Maria (Cross-Gold Choker)

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Virgen Maria, a virgin Mary double sided pendant gold dainty choker necklace. This necklace has a double sided pendant and a 15 inch thin chain, its made of an18k gold plated chain. This piece is so chic and can be worn alone or paired with any other of our chokers or necklaces and look astonishing!

Color: Gold
Length: 15" + 4" extender

*Virgen Maria (Cross-Gold Choker)

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Extended description

The Virgen Maria (Cross-Gold Choker) is a chic and stunning fashion accessory.

While thin and dainty, this chain is beautiful; made of 18k gold. Its simple style allows you to spice up your outfit without being outrageous.

The Virgen Maria cross-gold choker features an intricately designed, double-sided pendant, so if it gets flipped around, you’ll still look stylish. One side features the beautiful Maria, arms open, while the other is adorned with a cross and 'M' decoration.

This choker is perfectly paired with other Kopolonia accessories such as thin gold chains and necklaces. It’s also a wonderful accessory to wear by itself to work, school, church or a night on the town. Pair this choker with stud earrings to add even more class and sophistication.

Wear the Virgen Maria as a choker or use the extender to make it a typical necklace. Its adjustable length means you can wear high necked and low cut tops without having to change accessories. This chain, regardless of how you choose to wear it, will complement any outfit and catch the attention an accessory is supposed to.

The typical length of the Rosa rose-gold choker is 15" with an additional 4" extender. The easy to use clasp ensures you’re accessorizing quickly with no hassle. Remember to wear chokers comfortably. Don’t wear your chain too tight as it may be uncomfortable and lose its attractive display.